I help established, personal brand business women reimagine, pivot, and upgrade their money, messaging, & marketing, and get their life-changing book out into the world. 

You are the face, voice, and brand of your business. 

Own that shit.

  • When you’ve followed every “proven system” to the ‘T’ but still aren’t making enough money in your business to do and have the things you want

  • When you know that your messaging and marketing aren’t bringing in dream clients but you have no clue what to do differently

  • When you spend a bazillion hours watching how-to videos, reading business/money/self-help books, and joining group coaching calls but none of them are helping you upgrade your business

  • When you want to reach more people with your message and uplevel your business by writing a crush-worthy book but you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to write it yourself

creator of Money Therapy &
undercovER COPywriter.

Hi! I'm 

You know what sucks?

I’ve struggled with ALL these things at various points in my businesses. 

You’re not alone. You’re not broken. You’re not doing anything wrong. 

Running a business is hard as fuck. 

Showing you how to heal your relationship with money, break through the psychological and emotional barriers keeping you stuck, and manage money with Beyonce-level confidence

Writing swoon-worthy website copy that oozes personality, sets you apart, and makes dream clients feel like they’ve known you for years

Giving you customized, personal attention as we co-create your unique message and deliver copy that only you could write- without you having to do it all yourself

Ghostwriting your thought leadership book so you can have the impact you want without the headache of sitting hunched over your laptop for hours on end

We’re in this together.

I’m here to help you unfuck your business by:

Megan calvert, barretend, NY

After the first conversation with Nicole, it was clear my prices were way too low and I would never be profitable if I kept up my current model. I really had to dig deep to understand my business was unique and what I was offering was worth way more than what I was portraying. This was very difficult and scary for me and I can honestly say I would have never taken this risk without Nicole’s support and encouragement.

"My business has not only doubled, last month it tripled. I know exactly how much money goes out every month and what I bring in - all thanks to Nicole!"

Emily Capuria, Balance & thrive, OH

"I really appreciated that Nicole doesn’t “prescribe a system”. Instead, she took the time to get to know ME, my business, and my vision and then helped me figure out where I was getting stuck. We brainstormed ideas and then she supported me in taking action so I actually got it done! I felt like Nicole was really invested in me and my business. She is so genuine, and I love how she just tells it like it is." 

"The whole process working with Nicole was really collaborative and so helpful!"

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As a business owner, have you ever thought to yourself, “The world of online business is fucked up. My business is fucked. I’m fucked. What the actual fuck?”

Everybody makes running a business look easy. It’s not. 
On this show, we talk about all the hard shit it really takes to create a successful business- with a dash of snark & sarcasm.

If you’re frustrated with your biz, can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, and are sick of all the bullshit advice you’ve been getting, tune in to Business Unfucked.

Together, we’ll lean into discomfort and figure things out. 

Honest answers to uncomfortable questions about money, business, & life. 

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