Just like Detective John Kimble, there are

On the one hand, I’m a no-nonsense, let’s get down to business, could kick-ass-with-one-finger type of person. I’m loyal and protective- willing to take a bullet for you. 

On the flip side, I’m patient, understanding, and kind. I’ll do anything (including bringing in a ferret for a class pet) to help you feel safe enough to be yourself. 



sides to my 


I’ve never been a kindergarten teacher, but I’ve been a psychotherapist for two decades…which is very similar in terms of hand-holding and calming chaos.

Also…I’m literally a former cop. 

You can probably tell that I add playfulness and personality to everything I do…but I don’t dick around. 

I know my shit and use my education, writing skills, and business experience to help you get where you want to be in your business.

Twenty years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist. Police training. Two published books. A private practice and online business built from the ground up. Living debt free.

I know firsthand that figuring out how to grow a successful personal brand business is harder than unbuckling a little girl’s overalls so she can use the bathroom.

You can count on me to keep it real...

It's time to take control of your finances.

reinvent your branD.

write drool-worthy content.

and finally, get the book you’ve been dreaming of into the hands of those who need it most 

Ready to start a love affair with money and write copy that’s unapologetically you?

Then, as John Kimble would say,

“You’re Mine Now! You belong to me!”

Money Drama

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A peek into my life

For the past ten years, I’ve owned and operated a multi-six-figure mental health practice. My solo, brick-and-mortar operation has grown into a virtual group practice with ten amazing clinicians, which allows me to travel with my family in our RV for months at a time. 

I didn’t get to where I am today without some serious drama. At one point, I was $87,000 in debt and losing money in my private practice EVERY DAY. After a *HUGE* sob fest, I started applying the strategies and techniques I use in couple’s therapy to my relationship with money… which resulted in paying off all my debt in just 2 YEARS and multiplying my income x 5 in eight months!… and since then, I’ve been helping other women do the same through my trademarked MONEY THERAPY program, which helps women heal their relationship with money, make more profits, and manage money with Beyonce-level confidence. Money psychology is my jam!

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My passion


I’ve practiced daily journaling since I was 11 years old. (Here’s proof.) I’ve written and self-published two books and am a regular blog post contributor for Elephant Journal. For me, writing website copy and books feels like being cozied up in a warm, fuzzy blanket with a piping hot cup of coffee…there’s nothing better in the world. 

I’ve learned from experience that if your copy sucks, your sales suck. My mission in life is to help women with personal brand, service-based businesses create crush-worthy copy that swirls in their personalities and sets them apart from the competition.

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Emily capuria, balance & thrive, OH

"Nicole's feedback sparked so many new ideas. That really helped me tap into my voice and what I wanted to say, which had me feeling excited to write copy again (amazing, right?! lol). And my new offer is amazing—I love sharing it with people!"

"So helpful!! Nicole has a ton of experience and so much business knowledge that I felt like I could ask her anything and she’d have something helpful to share."

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