Attracting Wealth: A Spiritual Practice
Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni is a financial therapist, licensed psychotherapist, and writer for women entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling financially and feel overwhelmed by the emotional up’s and down’s of growing a business.

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Attracting Wealth: A Spiritual Practice

Developing a Spiritual Practice for Attracting Wealth into Your Life

I never thought of developing a spiritual practice for attracting wealth. I used to believe that wanting more money was a “sin”, a sign of greed. I’ve learned through time, study, prayer, reflection, and experience how faulty that belief truly is. Not only is it faulty, it’s limiting, and maintaining such an erroneous thought perpetuates lack.

Money is a tool; a resource that enables us to do what we want to do, have what we want to have, and be who we want to be. Money is the means by which we create more time and opportunity in our lives to live fully. Having a desire to attract wealth into your life isn’t solely for the purpose of buying a bigger house, a sports car, or a Rolex. For so many people, having an abundance of wealth is what makes it possible to work part-time and be with their families more, travel the world and experience new cultures, go back to school and expand their education, or start new businesses that help people and change the world for the better. Isn’t this what “God” wants for us?

A Higher Power provides abundantly for us, if we believe in abundance.

I firmly believe that our Creator, the Creator of all things (including money), provides us with a human experience so that we may possess our heart’s desires. . If we believe in lack, competition, or limits to our ability to attract wealth into our lives, we will experience a life of lack, limitation, and poverty. If we hold in our hearts and minds that God is good, he is good to each of us, and he freely gives that which we openly seek, then we will receive His many gifts…and usually in greater proportions than we ever imagined possible.

Living in poverty is NOT virtuous.

Believing that you are undeserving of a life of prosperity, happiness, and ultimate freedom is blasphemous. You are the child of the most high God. He created you in his image, giving you the power, creativity, and free will He himself possesses. You are deserving of all gifts life has to offer and the way to transform your intentions for wealth into the tangible financial abundance you seek is to approach wealth building as a spiritual practice.

Below is an outline of how to engage in a spiritual practice for attracting wealth, prosperity, and abundance into your life. Feel free to adapt it and make it your own based on your own spiritual/religious beliefs, values, and desires.

Step #1: Seek stillness daily.

We can’t communicate with The Spirit in the midst of chaos, noise, and distraction. God’s voice is rarely a booming yell in our ears. As such, we need to seek quiet, stillness, and a peaceful state of mind in order to connect with our Source. Carve out at least 10 minutes a day (perhaps first thing in the morning or last thing before bed) to sit in stillness, being aware of your breath, and centering your soul.

Step #2: Open with gratitude.

In every moment and every circumstance, we have much to be grateful for. With a genuine heart, start your dialog with God by giving thanks to all the blessings you’ve already received. Thank Him for clean water, a beating heart, a fully belly, or even a mind full of inspiring ideas. It all comes from our Creator, and opening a conversation with praises instead of immediately diving into requests conveys our deep knowing that God is the source of all.

Step #3: Positively affirm that which you seek is yours now.

Hold in your mind all that you seek to bring into your life, being as detailed as possible. Harness the feelings that you’d experience if it were already yours right in this very moment. Connect those deep feelings, with the things you seek, and tie it to your own breath as you inhale and exhale fully. Speak in the affirmative as though everything you desire is already yours and the Universe is working in this very moment to create the life you envision.

(ie. “I affirm that the wealth I seek is already mine. It is actively being transferred to me in various amounts from various sources in exchange for the highest quality services I can provide to others. I am forever being richly compensated according to the value I bring to the lives of others and this money is coming to me through all the right channels at the exact right time”.)

Step #4: Reaffirm that God loves giving to you and you are deserving of His gifts.

It is my belief that God is perfect, and because we were all created from Him, we too are perfect just as we are. I don’t believe that God sees us as flawed creatures who deserve to be punished, tormented, or “taught a lesson”. Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, we miss the mark. But the law of cause and effect teaches us the lessons we need to learn from these times and the consequence we experience may indeed serve as punishment for our decisions or behavior. God loves all His children and loves to give to us generously, just as we, as parents, love to give generously to our own children. It’s our job to gladly accept the gifts God gives us with a gracious spirit, knowing that we are whole and complete because of God’s love for us. Feeling this truth in your soul attracts wealth to you.

Step #5: Close with gratitude and firm trust.

Because we know that which we hold in our hearts and minds will be done, we can firmly trust that it will be so. We don’t have to doubt, question, or worry about how or when abundance will reach us. We don’t need to know all the details about how it will manifest in our life, just as we don’t need to know the exact science about how a carrot grows in a garden; we just know it does. This deep sense of knowing that God will provide for you is a gift in itself, and one that should be praised with thankfulness. By expressing gratitude to God for bringing prosperity into your life, you cement in your belief in Him and all things good. I can’t imagine anything pleasing God more than seeing His child have such strong faith, trust, and belief in Him and turning to Him daily.

Step #6: Give freely to others as it is given freely to you.

Now that you know that wealth, abundance, prosperity, and freedom is all yours for the taking, you can give generously, freely, and without concern to others because you know that whatever you give will be replaced as it’s needed. True fulfillment doesn’t come from what you GET; it comes from what you GIVE. Share your gifts with others. Share your faith and belief in the Source. Help those in need. Always be mindful of how you can increase your value by being of greater service to others. Whatever you give returns to you and multiplies.

Again, you’ll want to make your wealth building spiritual practice your own by adding personal touches, rituals, and words. The important take away here is to carve out time each day to clearly envision that which you seek to experience in reality and to connect with a Higher Power in a humble, grateful, and authentic way. By believing and knowing you deserve to experience ALL that life has to offer, you will attract great abundance into your life.

Nicole Iacovoni is a psychotherapist, author, wealth building coach, and personal empowerment fanatic dedicated to helping you create a life of happiness & prosperity. Her work is centered around personal growth and holistic health and wealth building. Nicole takes an honest, straight-forward approach to helping clients identify where they currently are in their life’s journey. With expertise in how our DESIRES, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS, and BELIEFS influence our success, Nicole helps clients create a concrete action plan for living the life of their dreams.

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