Are You Bullying Your Money?

Are you bullying your money?

Are You Bullying Your Money?

Are you bullying your money

I was always told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I live by that rule of thumb. 

But when it came to money, that advice got chucked out the window. 

I would find myself saying things like, “Money sucks. It’s never around when I need it” and “Ugg! I can’t afford the things I want! There’s not enough money!”

I remember one time, I wanted to take a day off from work to visit my best friend, but when I looked at my bank account, I knew I could swing it.

I couldn’t afford to miss a day of work and lose that income. I couldn’t afford the gas to get there. I couldn’t afford eating out all weekend. 

I couldn’t go…because of money. And I was pissed. 

In my mind, the dialogue was UGLY… 

…“Money really IS the root of all evil. I eff-ing hate how money controls my life. Why do other people have so much money and I’m struggling to get by? What gives?”

Smack talking money was a daily occurrence. 

No wonder money ran away and hid from me. I was bullying my money…putting it down, calling it names and blaming it for all the problems in my life. 

Money bolts when disrespected like that. It’s not going to stick around to be trash-talked.

And when money dropped me like it’s hot, I found myself in the midst of a serious financial crisis. 

After crying into my coffee (more times than I like to admit) and being pouty for a while, I set my mind to figure out where I’d gone wrong…

…I looked back at the “conversations” I’d had with money and realized how tragic and pathetic they were…

…I realized that I’d been such a total jerk to my money. I made a vow to reinstitute the “say something nice or nothing at all” rule when it came to my money. 

Then, I started loving up on my money to make up for all the hurtful things I’d said to it in the past. 

In my mind, the dialogue became FLIRTY…

…“Money, you’re so dreamy. You’re always doing things for me and making my life easier. I can always count on you to be there when I need you, and when I see you, my heart starts beating faster. I can’t wait to experience all the things we’ll do together!”

When I stopped being a bully and started being a “good girlfriend” to it, money came around more often…and stayed around longer…

…and before I knew it, we had a steamy little love affair going. All because I started talking nice to it. 

Are you being a bully to your money? Do you find yourself talking smack about it, yet still expect it to hang out with you?

If you’re raising your hand, it’s time to get your flirt on with your money! 

Feeling a little rusty when it comes to flirting? No worries! Join my free Date your Money Facebook group where we talk about all the ways to romance your money so you can feel more confident, carefree and wealthy!

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