Business Tales from the Crypt

Business Tales from the Crypt

Business Tales from the Crypt

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October is the month for all things spooky.

Ghouls, goblins, haunted houses, and horror film marathons that give you nightmares…but in a fun way.

I love Halloween…and love letting my imagination run wild and delve into dark, twisted stories that scare me…before coming back to my very practical and grounded reality.

Growing up in the early 90’s, I used to love the HBO series, Tales from the Crypt. I would snuggle up on my grandfather’s big belly as he lounged in his recliner and we’d stay up until 1 am watching episode after episode.

Business Tales from the Crypt

The Crypt Keeper “hosted” the show and would introduce each episode with pithy puns, giving away just enough clues about the story to intrigue me…and concluded each episode with commentary about the moral lesson of the story.

And I loved every minute of that unrealistic, “bad guy gets what he deserves”, demon-filled (with a side of humor) show. It sent you on an adventure with unexpected drama that kept you on the edge of your seat…but always ended with either a resolution or an important takeaway about life.

Getting in the Halloween spirit reminded me of Tales from the Crypt…and that show reminds me a lot of the drama I’ve experienced in my journey as an entrepreneur.

I’ve experienced so many ups and downs…so many complicated emotions…so many unexpected twists and turns in my business that have left me feeling all the feels.

Scared shitless. Angry enough to chop someone’s fingers off with a butcher knife (with fake blood squirting all over the place just like in the movies). Heartbroken. Rejected. Overwhelmed. Panicked. Jealous.

Being an entrepreneur, coach, or creative business woman can be as hard as a granite tombstone…as challenging as finding your way out of a haunted corn maze…as painful as getting your foot caught in a rusty bear trap.

Most people don’t talk about all the icky feelings that come up as you build and grow a business.

But those stories deserve to be told…even if they’re horrifying, gory, and spattered with grossness.

I have so many BUSINESS TALES FROM THE CRYPT that I could make an entire television series out of the stories…all with Crypt Keeper commentary that reveals all the important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

But since I don’t have a production crew, a team of actors, makeup artists to create gruesome effects, or volunteer zombies, I’m going to share my stories with you in writing…

…so you can see that the messy, gross feelings you’re feeling are actually totally normal…

…and so you can discover better ways of dealing with the business drama…so you can keep doing the amazing work you’re doing and love your business (instead of wanting to feed your business to a pack of wild, ferocious wolves).

You’ll get a new “episode” of BUSINESS TALES FROM THE CRYPT delivered to your inbox every week for 5 weeks. Here’s a sneak peek into each episode of this email mini-series:

👻 Episode #1: THE IDEA DEMON

A sneaky demon takes over your mind and sucks out all your creative ideas, making it impossible to create content in your biz. On the rare occasions you get an idea, the Idea Demon puts you in a trace, convincing you that every idea you have is complete garbage and should be thrown in the trash. Will this demon put an end to creating content consistently in your business? Find out.

💀Episode #2: GHOST OF TIME

The Ghost of Time uses it’s powers to mess with time , making it seem as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all your goals. The time illusion this ghost creates makes you feel like you “should be doing something else”, that you’re always taking time away from one task to devote it to another, and you’re never really accomplishing anything. How can you escape the overwhelm and guilt? Discover how to escape the clutches of this ghost. 


A curse has been cast over you and it’s made you invisible! No one seems to care about your work. No one reads your emails. No one buys from you. Feeling invisible and unimportant, you wonder what’s the point of even trying and start making plans to burn your business to the ground and get a “real job”. Will the curse make you give up on your business? Or will you find a way to overcome the spell? 


A confidence eating zombie hunts you down. It wrecks your life by leaving you bad reviews, sending hate mail to your inbox, rejecting your podcast/media pitches, and constantly telling you that you suck and shouldn’t be in business. Can you stop the Rejection Zombie from eating your self confidence and keep pursuing your business dreams? 


The Impatience Parasite is so tiny that it can’t be seen with the human eye, which is how it invaded your body and is able to use you as its host. This parasite slowly poisons your thoughts, convincing you that you should be further ahead in your business. You become consumed with impatience that your business is taking SOOO long to grow and filled with envy of the entrepreneurs that are further ahead than you. Find out the antidote you need to rid yourself from this leech and feel good about where you’re at-wherever that is.

If you’ve ever felt the pain of rejection, the suffering from a creative draught, the overwhelm of a lengthy to-do list, the impatience of your business not growing fast enough, or the devastation of feeling like no one notices you, keep your eyes on your inbox.

Each week’s episode of BUSINESS TALES FROM THE CRYPT will tell the story of how I experienced all these feelings in my business too…what I did to get through it…and how I lived to tell the tale…so you can figure out how to fight off the demons and stay brave even when things go bump in the night (or in your business).

Money love & hugs, ($O$O$O)

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P.S. Are you scratching your head and thinking, “Um, this isn’t about money…don’t you just talk about money stuff”? I absolutely LOVE talking/teaching about money…AND I LOVE talking/teaching women how to deal with the complicated feelings that come up as an entrepreneur. So, you’ll be hearing more from me on the topic. I hope it’s helpful!

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