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What it’s like to love someone with a mental illness

As someone who struggles with mental illness and is also married to someone with a mental health disorder, all I can say is that it’s not easy.

What it’s like to love someone with a mental illness

why is self-care important for business owners

Everyone knows that self-care is good for you, but what no one talks about is how self-care is also good for your business. That was a conversation I was recently part of.

Self Care is Good for Business: How to Prioritize Mental Wellness in Order to Show Up Well for Your Community

mom kissing baby while toddler looks over her shoulder and busyness with kids can be a reason why moms don't have social lives

The loneliness was heavy, but as I sat there in quiet for the first time all day, I couldn’t bring myself to reach out to anyone. Why? Why don’t moms have social lives? My husband was tired and had gone to bed early when the kids did. The solitude I found myself in was a rare […]

Why Moms don’t have Social Lives

Finding Your Sweet Spot

A dear friend wrote to me last week in desperation. She’s been struggling to figure out what to do with her life and asked me how I discovered my life’s purpose. The scenic route… I immediately replied with full admission that my career path has certainly taken the scenic route! Honestly, I’ve changed my mind […]

Finding Your Sweet Spot


  How do you know when it’s time to give up on a dream? How long should you keep pursuing a dream if you’re not seeing any progress? DREAM BIG As kids, we were encouraged to DREAM BIG. Our parents told us we could be whatever we wanted to be when we grew up. I […]

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Give Up on a Dream?

You’re Already Worthy of Living a Wealthy Life

I could talk about the joy that comes with creating and living a wealthy life all day long…Because I’ve discovered some powerful secrets that’s led me to living wealthy. But truth be told: my life started out…well, UN-wealthy.  My father abandoned me and my mother before I was born. My mother was young and unprepared […]

To All the Misfits: You’re Already Worthy of Living a Wealthy Life

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