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How to Afford Anything by Nicole Iacovoni

You might remember me telling you about how I felt when I finally bought my dream car- a sexy, black Audi Q7… well, guess what? I sold it. Here’s why.

How to Afford Anything

Money Management
Money Management

After a decade of doing #allthethings to grow my business (so I’d have the freakin’ money to live life on my own terms), I want to KEEP my money instead of writing a big fat check to the IRS.

Screw the IRS with this tax-saving tool

Is it worth the money?
Money Management

I wasn’t in the market for a cashmere sweater. Last thing on my mind, really. But then I saw this Barbie-doll type woman on a Zoom call…

Is It Worth the Money? Use this scorecard to find out

Small steps toward reaching your financial goals
Money Mindset

Press play and I’ll read this juicy article to you! Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I’m imagining what the holiday season will be like. I do this every year. I envision snow gently falling outside, my daughters and I joyfully baking sugar cookies while listening to Michael Buble’ sing “Have Yourself a […]

What to do when your financial fantasy looks like a Hallmark Christmas movie

gaining financial security and healing money wounds

Press play and I’ll read this juicy article to you! There are days when the weight of the world weighs heavy on my shoulders. All my clients are feeling horrible, and I’m not sure how to help them. Everything I hear on the news is bad, and it feels like the world is going to […]

The Non-Obvious Way Money Can Cheer You Up

Heal Your Money Relationship
How to take back financial control
Money Mindset

Press play and I’ll read this juicy article to you! Have you ever felt out of control with money? Does it seem like money is elusive, fickle, and always outside your reach? You’ve probably thought to yourself, “I really need to get in control of my finances”. But what does that mean? What does that […]

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Trying to Get In Control of Your Finances

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