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gaining financial security and healing money wounds

Press play and I’ll read this juicy article to you! There are days when the weight of the world weighs heavy on my shoulders. All my clients are feeling horrible, and I’m not sure how to help them. Everything I hear on the news is bad, and it feels like the world is going to […]

The Non-Obvious Way Money Can Cheer You Up

Heal Your Money Relationship
What is Money Shaming and Why Does It Need To Stop
Heal Your Money Relationship

If you haven’t experienced money shaming before, you probably will in the future…and it sucks. So what is money shaming and why does it need to stop?

Money Shaming is Real and It Needs to Stop

How Financial Stress Impacts Your Health
Heal Your Money Relationship

What does fighting with my husband until 2 am, clinical depression, and feeling like a big fat failure at life all have in common?

Why Fighting with My Husband about Money was the Best Thing for My Health

How to Fully Experience Your Financial Life
Heal Your Money Relationship

Since my mom died a few weeks ago, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking, reading, and learning about what it means to live and die.

Fully Experience Your Financial Life: For Better or Worse

How to Make Money Fun

It wasn’t my intention to start a new relationship…it just sorta happened. The financial stress was really weighing me down. I was drowning in debt…

How to Make Money Fun in 2021

Heal Your Money Relationship
The 5 Love Languages for Money
Heal Your Money Relationship

Want me to read this to you? Click here You may have heard of the book, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It’s a ridiculously famous book with great advice from a well-known relationship expert. The book outlines five ways to express and experience love between romantic partners: Words of Affirmation Actions don’t always […]

The 5 Love Languages for Money

I'm regarded as a money, business, writing, and mental health expert and have been featured by numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Business Insider, Elephant Journal, Citi Bank, and Insider Inc.

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