How to Create Content Consistently

The Idea Demon

How to Create Content Consistently

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It was that time of the month again…

It was time to sit down and write next month’s blog posts. I always batch my content by blocking off 3-4 hours at a time to crank out ALL my content in one big batch. Batching makes it easier to get content done ahead of time, schedule it to post at a later date, and ensure that you’re creating content consistently in your business.

There was just one problem…

I had zero ideas about what to write. I stared at the curser on the blank page. I racked my brain to think of a topic to write about. Nothing.

What was going on?

I didn’t know it at the time, but something had taken over me and sucked all the creative ideas from my mind…and it would cause me to experience terrible thoughts and feelings about myself and my business.

If you’ve ever felt the struggle of trying to consistently create content in your business…feeling like you have no good ideas…or that your ideas are complete garbage, you’ll want to keep reading.

This is Episode #1 of BUSINESS TALES FROM THE CRYPT: The Idea Demon.

The Idea Demon

I walked away from my computer. Grabbed another cup of coffee. Paced through the kitchen. Watched the minutes tick away on the clock.

Time was running out. I had to get these blogs written and move on to other things on my to-do list. Why couldn’t I think of anything to write?

I pulled out a notepad and made a list of topics women entrepreneurs commonly struggle with. Maybe there’d be something interesting there. As I reviewed the list, I felt a soft chill flow down my spine and a quiet voice whisper in my ear, “These ideas are stupid. No one’s going to read this garbage. Don’t even waste your time.”

Then, I felt a sea of emotion wash over me as my thoughts started to circle the drain of self deprecation.

“I don’t have any good ideas. I’m a terrible writer and no one really cares about what I have to say.”

“Why are you wasting your time on these stupid blogs. It doesn’t matter whether you write them or not because they’re going to suck anyway.”

“You’re writing is so boring. People will stop at the first paragraph and throw it in the trash.”

“There are so many people who write better than you. Why would anyone take the time to read your blogs when they could read blogs that are actually good?”

I felt defeated. Stupid. Boring. Frustrated. Discouraged. Filled with self doubt.

I was about to close up my computer, go binge on Parks & Recreation episodes, and never write another blog post again when I saw it…THE IDEA DEMON.

The Idea Demon is but a shadow that hides in the dark corners of your mind and feeds on your creative ideas, igniting a creative draught, making it virtually impossible to create content in your business.

If an idea slips through his grasp and enters your mind, the Idea Demon will take over your thoughts, convincing you that your idea is stupid AF and should immediately be forgotten…which sends the idea back into his gaping mouth to be devoured.

The Idea Demon’s mind control sends your emotions on a roller coaster ride, making you feel like you suck at everything and should give up on your dreams…because it’s all been done before and everyone does it better than you.

Once I caught a glimpse of the Idea Demon, I knew he had to be destroyed for the sake of my business and my own emotional well-being.

Here’s what I did to rid him from my mind (and what you can do when he invades your brain too) so I could continue consistently creating content in my biz without all the drama:

Focus on what you’re passionate about.

Don’t try to come up with a brilliant idea that people will swoon over and be super impressed with. Think of issues, topics, or problems you’re passionate about…the ones that get you fired up. Your “soap box” issues. Write about those.

Walk away and do something pleasurable.

When you force yourself to create something, you don’t feel excited about it (and neither does anyone else). If you’re hitting a creative block, walk away from the project and do something you enjoy. Take a brisk walk (movement helps the mind get going). Savor some coffee and an apple fritter. Jam out to 90’s alternative rock. Feeling good helps open the channel for good ideas.


Instead of trying to think of a GOOD idea, think of as many ideas as you possibly can…even if they seem stupid, terrible, or boring. When you sit down to write blogs or create website copy or work on a graphic design, don’t concern yourself with the quality of the project. Just get as much done on it as you possibly can. Your job isn’t to judge whether or not your creations are good…it’s just to create them in the first place. Done is better than perfect.

Create for just ONE person.

Hold the image of your ideal client in your mind and create for just that one person. Make it customized just for them. Create something beautiful for that person that would absolutely make their day and share that with the world. When you’re trying to please everyone, you’re pleasing no one. Set out to make one person’s day better, not go viral.

Separate yourself from your creations.

You are a human being…not a human doing. You are not what you create. Your value and self worth are not based on the quality of what you produce. Remember that you are amazing even when you create something that other people don’t like.

The Idea Demon is a sneaky bastard that can really make you feel like crap about yourself. He’s bound to visit you from time to time…but the next time he starts gobbling up your creative ideas…you’ll be ready to take him down.

But the Idea Demon isn’t the only one you have to watch out for. There’s another ghoul who has the power to threaten your sanity and your success in a completely different way.

Find out more about this ghastly spirit and how to protect yourself from its evil in next week’s episode of BUSINESS TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

Money love & hugs, ($O$O$O)

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