A Personalized Roadmap to Financial Freedom, Joy, and Prosperity

Looking for help creating a financial plan?  

Need someone to hold you accountable so you can reach your financial goals?  

Want to create a ridiculously wealthy life in a fraction of the time it takes doing it alone?  


I’m totally OBSESSED with helping working women create wealthy, purpose-driven lives by learning how to make more money and manage it better. 


  • 12 Weekly Individual coaching sessions where you’ll learn the what’s, why’s, and how-to’s for creating wealth (Value = $4,200)

  • A complete analysis of your current financial picture. 

  • A detailed roadmap of your financial goals and the steps toward making them reality (including creating a spending plan, debt payoff plan, and savings plan)

  • An instant, All-access pass to ALL of my online programs including Kickstart Wealth Creation, Manage Money like a #Boss, and The Money Mindset Makeover (Value = $1,982)  
  • Treats, surprises, and gifts sprinkled in along the way to celebrate your wealth-creating awesomeness

  • HUGE doses of fun, snark, and humor to make the wealth creating journey a guilty pleasure

  • A life of financial security, total freedom to do what you want, and the power to change the world for the better (Value= PRICELESS)  

3-month Financial Coaching Package = $4,000

Get Personalized, One-on-One Financial Support!

WOAH. Hold up.  

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s a lot of money. I just can’t afford that”.  

TRUTH SMACK: What you can and can’t afford is all in your mind.  

You might not realize it, but this is a critical moment for you…

…Right now, the Universe has brought you to this place and is asking you to rise to the occasion, raise your frequency, stretch yourself, and take the leap toward living the life of your dreams.

Are you willing to take responsibility and get uncomfortable so you can finally grow into the person you’re meant to be?  

What’s it worth to you to live a life of complete financial freedom, joy, and independence?  

Still Not Sure?

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