How to Live More Creatively (and wealthy)

How to Live More Creatively (and wealthy)

Creativity and wealth are totally connected.  

*Crickets from the audience* “What? How can that be?” 

Here’s the low down: If we don’t allow ourselves to be creative, we can’t clearly identify our hopes and dreams. 

If we block creativity, we also block our heart’s desires and we can’t discover what our very best life looks like. 

Without creativity, we don’t develop the confidence or trust in our own power to make the kind of money we desire and we cope with the frustration of hiding our true selves with retail therapy… 

…wasting our precious resources on things that won’t really fulfill us.  

But when we allow our creativity to express itself, we come to know ourselves better. We carve out time for dates with ourself, which give us the opportunity to realize what’s most important to us… 

…we discover our deepest VALUES.  Better yet: when you let yourself start dreaming and creating, you open the floodgates to a new energy that is invigorating and can be used to do POWERFUL things… 

…like get your dream job, earn your worth, pay off debt, buy or build your dream home, DESIGN that house from top to bottom! Creativity helps you realize your own strength and capability… 

…and STOP allowing people to stand between YOU and what you WANT! 

So, in honor of “Wealthy Wednesday” (that’s my new thing- you’ll get a vlog from me each Wednesday with wealth creating tips)… 

I present to you… 

*drum roll please* 

How to be more creative & live a wealthier life (including tips for what you can start doing RIGHT NOW!)…in video format!

How to live more creatively (and wealthy)

With so much love and support for you on your wealth creating journey,


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