Imposter Syndrome? This Can Help.
Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni is a financial therapist, licensed psychotherapist, and writer for women entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling financially and feel overwhelmed by the emotional up’s and down’s of growing a business.

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Imposter Syndrome? This Can Help.

My finger hovered over the “send” button…

…and I took a deep breath.

OMG…what was I doing? Was I really going to send this pitch?

My inner critic starting citing all the reasons why I should hit “delete” instead.

“You’re a nobody…no one’s even heard of you. What makes you think you can snag a guest interview spot on Amy Porterfield’s podcast?”

“Your pitch is kinda ridiculous…I mean, come on. You want to go on the show and talk about dating your money? Pleeeeaaase!”

“There’s no way your pitch will be accepted…it’s not good enough. And if it does, you’ll totally blow the interview and make a fool of yourself. Just quit while you’re ahead!”

I could feel the sweat bead across my forehead.

I didn’t know who to listen to…that voice inside my head yelling at me to turn back and run the other way…

…or my heart telling me to go for it and put myself out there in hopes of changing lives for the better.

Why was it so hard for me to ask to play with the “Big Girls”?

You know who I mean…

…the totally badass…well-known and well-respected…uber successful women entrepreneurs who are completely crushing the online space.


For some reason, I didn’t believe I belonged in the Big Girls Club…

…that I wasn’t good enough…smart enough…successful enough to be one of them.

The imposter syndrome was obvious and I felt like a fraud…just making things up as a go…

…with no real value to offer to anyone.

And all those self deprecating thoughts convinced me that my pitch to be on the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast was a waste of time…

…and I just wasn’t worthy.

I didn’t have a million Instagram followers…or a million dollar launch…or a million YouTube views…

…so I shouldn’t be trying to play with the Big Girls who do.

But then I got to thinking about it…

…and I realized that I might not make $1 million…but I charge rates for my work that feel fabulous…

…and I have a 17 year track record of helping women improve their relationships (including the money relationship)…

…transforming dreams into realities…and build the confidence and self-esteem they’ve always wanted.

I may not have a million followers…or an email list a mile long…and I’m certainly not a YouTube sensation…

…but I love up on my tribe EVERY WEEK with Money Love Notes (what you’re reading right now)…

…and connect with the awesome ladies in my Date Your Money Facebook Group

…and provide over-the-top, swoon worthy experiences for my Money Therapy clients.

Challenging my inner critic’s lame messages helped me to see that I may not be at the same point on the entrepreneurial journey as big names like Marie Forleo…Amy Porterfield…or Rachel Hollis…

…but I’m still a BIG GIRL…and because I’m committed to my business and the work I do in it…

…I’m worthy of asking to play with the other Big Girls.

Even after my little pep talk…I still didn’t feel fully confident in sending my pitch to Amy Porterfield.

It was scary and uncomfortable hitting “send”…not knowing what the response would be…

…or if I’d get any response at all.

But I did it anyway.

I did it scared…because I’m on a mission to make a big impact…and empower every woman to take an active role in her financial life…

…one podcast…one newsletter…one blog post…one FB message at a time.

You have a purpose and a mission in your business too…and you’re worthy of playing with the Big Girls.

Imposter syndrome is inevitable…even the BIGGEST Big Girls experience it!

And you’ll be pushed to do things that are uncomfortable…

…for the sake of your business…

…and for the sake of your financial success.

You’ll feel scared to raise your rates or charge a high-ticket price for your digital course.

Do it scared.

You’ll feel scared to ask your contacts to be an affiliate and market your new product to their audience.

Do it scared.

You’ll feel scared to send a guest blog post to HuffPost…

…or pitch your local news station for a spot on the morning show…

…or show up for weekly FB Lives in your group.

Do it scared.


Because you love your business…and you want it to be successful…by changing lives…

…and earning as much money as you want…

…so you can live the life of your dreams.

Now, I want to hear from you.

Leave a comment and tell me about a time when you felt like an imposter but went for an opportunity anyway.

Can’t wait to hear your story and celebrate you doing it scared!

Money Love & Hugs


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