Is Your Money Cheating On You?

Is Your Money Cheating On You?

Is Your Money Cheating On You?

Is Your Money Cheating On You?

I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was, but a wave of suspicion took over me.

We had friends over that night and everyone was laughing and having a great time…except me.

I was too distracted with worry. It wasn’t the best time or place, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I grabbed my phone and slipped away into the bedroom…closed the door…sat quietly in the dark…and started searching.

Were my suspicions right? Was my money cheating on me?

When I thought about my money situation, all the clues pointed to “yes”.

My money would mysteriously disappear from time to time. I had no idea where it was going or what it was doing.

I’d find random charges for unknown purchases on my bank account. Who the heck is that?

Why was my money going shopping when it should have been working to grow my business? What a two-timer!

Money seemed so…unavailable to me.

I wanted it…had plans for it…but money kept ghosting me like it always had someplace else to be.

There were many times when I’d sat down with my money to figure out what was going on…but my money didn’t reveal anything to me.

It just left me in the dark…confused…and feeling like a paranoid freak.

That night, as I huddled over my phone in the dark, I closely examined every single bank transaction…looking for answers…trying to figure out what was REALLY going on with my money.

I wanted to just come right out and ask my money if it was cheating on me…but I didn’t trust it to be honest with me.

But why didn’t I trust my money?

*Ding* The lightbulb came on…I didn’t trust money to be faithful to me because I hadn’t always been faithful to my money!

I was guilty of the very thing I accused my money of. When I got honest with myself, I was able to admit that I’d been cheating on my money every time I splurged on a mini-shopping spree instead of putting the money toward my debt.

I’d cheated on my money when I treated all my girlfriends to dinner and drinks even though I didn’t have the money to cover the tab.

My money and I had a date to go to a writer’s workshop together so we could develop better writing skills for the business…but I spent the money on advertising instead and we couldn’t go. (Bad choice.)

If I wanted to shake the suspicion and trust my money to be faithful to me, I had to make a commitment to be faithful to my money.

I realized in that moment that I needed to keep the promises I made to money…not break our money dates…be a “good girlfriend” to my money by being honest about what I was doing with our hard earned cash.

If I wanted my money to be good to me, I had to be good to my money.

Feeling like you and your money could use a heart-to-heart conversation? Ready to turn your feelings of suspicion into feelings of pure money love?

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