Do you love your money as much as you love your dog or daily latte?

Love Your Money

Do you love your money as much as you love your dog or daily latte?

Love Your Money

There are two things I love more than anything: vanilla lattes and my dog, Clover.

When I get them both at the same time, it’s like a guilty pleasure paradise.

The other day, the stars aligned and I spent half the day snuggled up with Clover sippin’ on a cup of deliciousness.

I gazed into Clover’s eyes…she gazed into mine…

…and I wondered what she’d say if she could talk.

She’d probably say, “I love it when you scratch my ears…You give the best treats…I know how much you love me when we go for long walks together.”

Yea, Clover knows she’s loved and adored- like a dog should be.

You know what else should be loved and adored?

Your money.

Trust me – I know first hand what happens when you don’t love and respect your money.

I didn’t always appreciate my money the way I appreciate vanilla lattes and Clover…

And I didn’t love up on my money or go on long walks with it either.

Nah. I didn’t do much with my money at all.

I expected money to be there for ME…but I neglected IT.

If my money could talk, it would have said, “You never spend time with me…You’re always forgetting about me until you need me…Then when I’m around, you abuse me.”

Ouch. The truth hurts.

But my money was “right on the money”…

Back in the day, I did abuse my money by trying to “keep up with the Jones’”…

…and I had my fair share of retail therapy sessions.

I didn’t take time to express appreciation or gratitude for my money…and never made time for money dates to love up on it.

And because I didn’t take care of it like I took care of Clover…it didn’t want to snuggle up with me or gaze into my eyes.

My money wanted to get far, far away from me…and it did- leaving me drowning in debt and crying over unpaid bills.

Who could blame it?

If your money could talk, what would it say about YOU?

Are you good to it? Do you love it? Spend time with it?

Do you take care of your money or do you neglect it, abuse it or forget about it?

Listen to what your money has to say to find out where your money relationship needs work.

Then, go on a nice long walk together and gaze into each other’s eyes…

…or if that’s not your style, come over to the Date Your Money support group for fresh #moneydate ideas.

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