The Money Mindset Makeover Online Course

The Money Mindset Makeover

The Money Mindset Makeover

A 11 Week Online Wealth Building Course

In this course, you’ll discover how to shift the attitudes and beliefs about money that are keeping you broke and get clear on what you truly want. This program will help you form a solid foundation to build wealth upon and reach your full potential in all facets of life. Discover the secrets to living with great abundance and having as much money as you want while experiencing good health and happy relationships. Transform your financial picture and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Ready to transform your relationship with money and live the life of your dreams?

The Money Mindset Makeover Course will help you breakthrough the psychological and emotional barriers to experiencing financial stability and vitality while maximizing your earning potential.  You’ll experience empowerment, control, and a deep sense of self worth as you learn to make better financial decisions that will lead to lifelong financial success. It’s time to take control over your money and breakdown the barriers to prosperity and wealth while acting in alignment with your deepest values and priorities.

You’ll discover how to live your life instead of live to work.

Here’s What You’ll Experience:

    • Eliminate the limiting attitudes and beliefs you hold about money that keep you broke
    • Gain clarity on your deepest desires, your passion, and your purpose
    • Discover how to make a living doing what you love
    • Learn effective ways to maximize your earning potential and negotiate your true worth
    • Experience empowerment, control, and esteem
    • Reduce stress, anxiety, and worry about money
    • Discover how to use the power of your mind to create wealth and abundance
    • Develop healthy habits and behaviors that result in prosperity, success, and joyful living
  • Fully enjoy life by having the power to take control over your finances and have the money to live the life of your dreams

Maybe you’re among the many who don’t earn what you deserve…

Money as a tool

Maybe you earn a decent income but have nothing to show for it. Perhaps you lose sleep worrying about money or find yourself avoiding even looking at your finances due to feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and discouragement.

The problem is that limiting beliefs like, “I’m bad with money”, “I don’t know how to save”, or “Money is evil” are keeping you from experiencing the financial freedom you wish for.

Money itself is not the goal.

The path to money, the places money takes us, the time and freedom and opportunity money can bring…these are what we’re really after.

This is about using money as a tool to create a LIFE YOU LOVE. The life of your dreams is closer than you think, so DREAM BIG.


Money Mindset - Fear Anxiety and WorryThis is what we feel when we don’t have a handle on our finances. We feel out of control. We aren’t clear on how much money we have, and we always feel like we never have enough.

We feel HOPELESS and LOST. We feel like failures. We feel like we aren’t enough. We feel stupid or inadequate.

We feel freakin’ exhausted….because we’re working our asses off and still have nothing to show for it.

Struggling with financial problems is like a hamster running in a wheel. Working so hard, having little to show for it, and living paycheck to paycheck leads to health issues, conflictual relationships, and low self-esteem.

We often base our own value on the amount of money we make, and if you’re an under-earner, you’re self worth plummets. When we aren’t in control of our finances, we doubt ourselves, struggle needlessly, and every facet of our life is negatively effected by the huge amount of stress we carry everyday.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop laying awake at night worry about money, stop fighting with your partner about it, and stop carrying huge amounts of debt?

The Money Mindset Makeover Course

It’s about a complete financial transformation, not just adding zeros to your bank account.

Your health and self esteem are directly and powerfully linked with your ability to earn more money. The story you tell yourself about money determines how much you have and what you do with it.

The Money Mindset Makeover Course focuses on your DESIRES, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS, and BELIEFS about money and explores how those influence your financial success. You’ll create a concrete action plan to set you on the course toward financial freedom, while receiving support through the discomfort that naturally arises whenever we try to create big change in our lives.

This inner work builds the foundation for what you can achieve. The Money Mindset Makeover Course inspires and motivates you to DREAM BIG and shows you the way to make your dreams become reality.

So, what happens if you DON’T enroll in
The Money Mindset Makeover Course?

  • You’ll continue to settle for less than you deserve.
  • You’ll stay stuck in unpleasant situations
  • You’ll continue to live paycheck to paycheck
    (and feel the stress and strain of financial turmoil)
  • You’ll continue to experience anxiety, worry, fear, and loss of sleep
    (which can result in serious consequences to your overall health and well-being)
  • Your relationships will be negatively effected by your chronic financial stress
  • If you keep doing what you’re doing, nothing will change
  • You won’t become the person you want to be or live the life you long for
  • You’re opportunities, income, free time, and independence will all be limited


create a magical life

Create a Magical Life

The Money Mindset Makeover Course offers deep value by providing you with the breakthrough you wish to achieve and equipping you with skills, knowledge, and a financial map that you can use throughout your lifetime.

You’ll discover what your heart truly desires and you’ll have the tools to create a powerful action plan to bring it to life. The Money Mindset Makeover Course provides simple, streamlined processes, cutting edge information, and step-by-step action plans that take years off of financial hardship and put you on the fast-track to financial vitality.

The Money Mindset Makeover Course makes it possible for you to go from good to great; from just okay to extraordinary.  The psychological and emotional transformation you’ll experience from this course is priceless and will result in living a life of wealth and prosperity.

This Course Is NOT For Everyone

Money Mindset Makeover Course

If you’re looking for a way to “get rich quick”, this is not the program for you. If you believe that your thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with your financial status, you won’t find value in this program. This course focuses on the inner work necessary to create true wealth, so if you’re only wanting to focus on strategy and action without regard for how attitude and beliefs effect your financial picture, this won’t be for you.

The Money Mindset Makeover Course will challenge you and you’ll have to put in the time and effort to creating positive change. You’ll need to be open-minded to expanding your self awareness and admitting what isn’t working in your life. If you’re not up for doing some self-reflecting and “heart work”, this isn’t the program for you.

I’ve felt the pain of financial hardship and worked to overcome it.

You can do it too.

Financial SuccessAt one point in my life, I checked my account balance and broke into tears. I had no idea where the money was going to come from so we wouldn’t be delinquent on paying our bills.

My husband and I had $87,000 in debt and nothing extra left over after paying for the monthly essentials. I felt like I’d hit rock bottom and it was then that I realized the story I was telling myself about money was a tragedy….deep down, I didn’t believe I deserved to be rich or have the life I truly desired. AND THAT FALSE BELIEF WAS KEEPING ME BROKE!!

I re-scripted my “money story”, shifted my attitudes and beliefs about my self worth, and developed a sound financial plan to pay off all $87,000 of debt in just 2 YEARS, retire at age 57 (if I want to), and pay for both my daughters to go to college anywhere they want.

I’m not an accountant or even a “numbers person” but I’ve gotten incredible results with this program. I truly believe anyone can transform their life and I’m honored to help you claim your power and create a magical life by changing your perceptions of money and harnessing effective financial management strategies.

“By taking control of my own finances, so many things have changed in my life. I’m more productive, organized, calm, and happy. I feel I’m able to give more of myself to my clients, have better success rates, and serve my community at a much deeper level. I’ve gained a deep sense of confidence, accomplishment, and purpose. My marriage has improved as a result of no longer arguing about money. We have an abundance of resources to do and have the things we want in life and to give generously to others.”

Nicole Iacovoni
Nicole Iacovoni Passion and Purpose

My passion and purpose is to help YOU create a life of happiness and prosperity.

I’ve been a Psychotherapist for almost a decade and have worked with hundreds of clients struggling financially. My life is dedicated to helping clients shift their beliefs, perceptions, behaviors, and emotional responses so they can reach their full potential and live a life they love. I take an honest, straight-forward approach to identifying where you currently are in your financial journey, while helping you gain clarity on your dream life vision.

As a Wealth Coach, I’ve applied the same principles and strategies I’ve used with psychotherapy clients and have seen clients completely transform their financial lifestyle. I devoted myself to researching, learning, planning, and implementing concrete financial practices while breaking down the psychological and emotional barriers that limit financial success. I’ve included all these secrets to financial vitality in the Money Mindset Makeover Course.

The Money Mindset Makeover

The Money Mindset Makeover

The 11 Weekly Modules You’ll Receive

Priming Your Mind for REALLY BIG CHANGE.

We’ll get you in the right frame of mind to envision the life of your dreams. You’ll gain clarity on what you want and why you want it. Ready to see what your life would look like if fear and financial worry wasn’t in the picture? This module will show you how close you are to making your financial dreams become reality.


Our desires drive us, motivate us, and influence every decision we make. This module dives deep into your desires, helping you gain clarity on what your heart is longing for. Get ready to listen to what your soul voice has been trying to tell you! As we explore your financial goals and how reaching your full potential will impact your life, you’ll begin to see the power that already lies within you to create the financial vitality you long for.


Your mind is a powerful tool…but only if you know how to use it effectively. This module teaches you how changing your thoughts will change your feelings and your behaviors and create abundance and prosperity in your life. We’ll break down the psychological barriers to you living the life of your dreams and push past the fear that keeps you stuck in negative cycles of thinking and being.


Our beliefs shape our perception of the world and our finances. This module examines the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and how they limit your financial abundance. We’ll transform unhealthy and unhelpful beliefs and put you on the fast track to realizing your true potential and self worth. Once you discover what you truly deserve, you’ll manifest your desires in reality.


This module transforms intention into action. We’ll explore the behaviors associated with poverty and lack and shift them to ones that lead to prosperity and wealth creation. Develop a sound plan of action and get going on behaving your way to the lifestyle you truly deserve.


This final module pulls it all together so you can finally claim your power and create a magical life. We’ll review all the concepts, ideas, and steps you’ve taken throughout the course, hardwire new habits and skills, and equip you with the inspiration and motivation you’ll need to keep going in the direction of your dreams.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Transformation is my only objective and I’m committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find the program isn’t right for you, just let me know the reason why it’s not a good fit within the first 14 days of the program start date and I’ll refund your money. All I ask is for the opportunity to review your completed work, which will help me determine if there is something more I can do to help you become successful in reaching your goals.

The Money Mindset Makeover Course offers you EXCEPTIONAL value.

Here’s all the benefits you’ll receive when you enroll in the program:


  • $0/mo
  • 11 Weekly Modules
    All modules are recorded, so you can watch the videos on your own time. These modules provide you with inspiring tools, information, and skills to transform your finances right now.

    $997 Value


  • $0/mo
  • Get my expert support and guidance while networking and sharing ideas with other members. You’ll experience inspiration, motivation, and dedication to your goals by being a member of this group!

    $297 Value


  • $0/mo
  • Transform your relationship with money, become more financially empowered, and shift the limiting beliefs that keep you broke through powerful worksheets and challenging homework assignments.

    $297 Value


  • $0/mo
  • Receive powerful bonuses including mantras for attracting wealth, negotiation tips, my weekly wealth creating schedule, tools for achieving financial freedom, and my absolute must-read book list!.

    $197 Value

Total real world value


Get it Now for Only


Still Not Sure?

Ready for changeBefore I started on my own wealth building journey, I felt the pull of resistance to taking control over my money. I’m closely acquainted with the fears and concerns that come with shifting financial management practices. And I’ve heard these same fears and concerns come up for the clients I’ve worked with.

Get the answers to all your questions and eliminate all excuses on the FAQ Page.

You might find that those pesky concerns holding you back from creating a Magical life aren’t worth losing the life of your dreams

Remember: You have 14 days to try the program and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, you will get a prompt refund. There is no risk and great reward.
You deserve to invest in yourself and transform your life!

If you’re ready to earn what you deserve, live up to your full potential, get a better job, have the confidence to negotiate, and finally live the life you’ve been dreaming of, SIGN UP TODAY!

Your health and self esteem are directly and powerfully linked with your ability to earn more money and manage it well. The STORY you tell yourself about money determines how much you have and what you do with it…

It’s time to change the story you’re telling yourself!

07 / 29/ 19