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Treat your money relationship like a romantic relationship and see your money as a lover; not a fighter

Ditch all the complicated feelings and money drama that are keeping you stressed out & living paycheck to paycheck

Create a “honey-do list” for your money and put it to work for you. Wipe out ALL your debt. Have a stash of cash in the bank. Take your dream vacation. Put your kids through college.

Make tending to your finances fun, easy, and full of pleasure- no boring spreadsheets allowed!

Make smarter buying decisions, manage your money like Lizzo rocks a leotard, and save for the future so you can live your very best life!

Are you drowning in debt?
Ugly crying over an empty bank account?
Fed up with endless cycles of retail therapy followed by buyer’s remorse?



by Nicole Iacovoni, LCSW

What if you could drop money shame like a bad habit, watch more money pour in, and crush all your financial goals?

Nicole Iacovoni will show you how. As a couple's therapist, Nicole knew all the best techniques to help couples end heated battles and heal their relationships, but during a therapy session gone wrong, she realized her money relationship was more of a hot mess than her clients' marriages. After experiencing a financial crisis, Nicole became her own client and started applying couple’s therapy techniques to her money relationship and called it Money Therapy. Guess what happened? The process completed transformed her life. And now she wants to take you to money therapy.

In Money Therapy, Nicole shares her story and serves as your legit money therapist to help you:

Now’s the time to stop brushing your money problems under the rug and start “dating your money.”

Join Nicole in Money Therapy and start a swoon-worthy love affair with money that's built to last a lifetime. 

Book coming Fall 2023