Money Therapy with Financial Therapist

You thought that being an entrepreneur meant you’d finally make the kind of money you want…but it isn’t working out as you planned.

Every time you look at your finances, you feel a sense of dread…anxious and overwhelmed.

You’d describe yourself as having a love/hate relationship with money…and you can’t seem to figure out what those successful (and wealthy) entrepreneurs are doing different from you.

You wish someone would help, but who do you turn to? You don’t exactly want to admit to your friends what’s going on in your bank account.

Your spouse/parter/lover – whole ‘nother drama.

You’d love to talk to a professional, but financial planners only look at the hardcore numbers—not the emotions you feel around them.

What you need is MONEY THERAPY.

And needing MONEY THERAPY doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you…or that you suck at money.

It means that money matters are hard and you’re human.

You arent given a manual for creating a healthy relationship with money…or instructions on how to earn your worth…or taught how to manage money like a boss.

You’ve been left to figure it out as you go…probably making lots of mistakes along the way (*raises hand*)…or approaching money the same way your parents did (for better or worse).

That’s what MONEY THERAPY is for.

Meet Your Financial Therapist

Hi! I’m Nicole Iacovoni, a Financial Therapist and Licensed Couple’s Therapist.

Using what I’ve learned in my 15 year career as a therapist, I help entrepreneurs heal their relationship with money…navigate through the six stages of money love…and live happily ever after with their money.

From the hot rush of early romance to the gut punches of conflict and on to money marriage bliss, I’ll serve as a trusted guide throughout your money relationship journey.

Instead of your toxic money relationship making you ugly cry over your empty bank account, you can create a love affair with money that’s strong enough to weather any storm.

And there are some awesome advantages to joining the MONEY THERAPY Program:

You Set the Pace

Does the thought of laying out all the dirty details of your financial life to a financial advisor make you want to hide under the covers with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? I’ve so been there!

Does scheduling a group therapy session and traveling to an office seem like a huge chore?

In MONEY THERAPY, you can get honest and real about your money relationship without judgement…all in the comfort of your own home, cozied up in your favorite jammies.

You can dive into the sessions at your own pace and on your own schedule…no appointment required.

Expert Advice

With 15 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome obstacles, get clear on their desires and get the relationship results they’re after.

In MONEY THERAPY, you’ll get the best evidence-based, clinically proven tools to help you deepen your money relationship and manage money well…the same tools that I’ve used for years with couple’s therapy clients and in my own personal life to pay off $87,000 of debt in two years and increase my revenue x5 in eight months.

And you get direct access to me to ask questions, get extra tips and tricks and receive ongoing support through your money therapy journey.


Working 1:1 with a therapist can be intimidating…inconvenient…and very expensive!

Instead of paying a therapist $150/session to tell you things you’ll forget 5 minutes later, MONEY THERAPY gives you all the tools and information you need to transform your money relationship in workbooks that you’ll have access to for life.

And with a price tag of about $25/session, you’re already making smart money moves by enrolling in the program!

Plus, it pays to be part of a group program because you can learn from each other and finally realize you’re not the only one struggling with your money!

What’s Inside This Program:

  • Instant access to a year’s worth of weekly “money therapy session” workbooks that serve as a road map to your money relationship and guide you every step of the way. These fun workbooks give you the skills and tools you need to navigate your money relationship journey and spot financial roadblocks, even before you encounter them.
  • Access to the Money Therapy Private Facebook Group where you can connect with me and other students for answers, support and hella praise. That’s also the place where we have monthly challenges, contests and prizes!
  • Weekly Live “Group Therapy Sessions” to dive deeper into the topic of the week and answer all your burning questions
  • Surprise bonuses and gift bombs sprinkled throughout the year

Money Therapy is for you if…

  • You’re an entrepreneur who isn’t making as much money as you want…or you’re drowning in debt…or you’d describe your money relationship as “it’s complicated” or a “love/hate relationship”…or you have no idea what to do with the money you have.
  • You’re in a high-paid position but you have dreams of being your own boss…or you have a side hustle that you’re trying to get off the ground…or you’re trying to make enough money in your own business so you can quit your soul-sucking day job.
  • You’re a hybrid of the two descriptions above. 🙂
  • You’re willing to show up and do the tough inner work to improve your relationship with money… so you can do the work you love…earn your worth…and feel financially confident.

Money Therapy is not for you if…

  • You’re not an entrepreneur…you never want to be one…you don’t even know what an entrepreneur is.
  • All you care about is getting rich quick and you don’t care about what you have to do to make it happen…as long as it’s easy and fast.
  • You’re hoping for a magical money fairy to solve all your problems so you can keep making lame excuses, blame all your problems on your parents and don’t have to do any work yourself.
  • You don’t want the responsibility of tending to your money. You’re willing to give up your financial power by passing that job over to your partner…or a financial planner…or your dad.