Money Therapy with Financial Therapist


A self-paced group mentorship program for entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives who want to learn how to love their money, make more profits, and take control of their finances.

Led by: Nicole Iacovoni, LCSW- Financial Therapist & Licensed Couple’s Therapist

 Single Pay                                                  3- Pay Plan
($1297)                                                       ($450)

Dang. You thought that being an entrepreneur meant finally making the kind of money you want…but it isn’t going as planned.

Every time you look at your finances, a sense of dread fills the pit of your stomach. You’ve considered just pulling the covers over your head and hoping all your financial worries will just disappear. (Poof!)

You’re so over this love/hate relationship with money…

And what are those successful (and wealthy) entrepreneurs doing different from you anyway?

It’s like they don’t have a single money care in the world…and they definitely aren’t fighting with their money…or losing sleep at night worrying about the bills.

Have they cracked some magical money code? They make it look so easy!

You wish someone could help, but who can you turn to? You don’t exactly want to admit to your friends what’s going on in your bank account. You’d rather get a full body wax than reveal how deep in debt you are.

Your spouse/parter/lover – whole ‘nother drama. Money conversations definitely kill the mood between you two.

Talk to a professional? You’d love to! But financial advisors only look at the hardcore numbers—not the messy emotions you have around money. What if you start ugly crying? Ugh.

What if you could just drop the money shame like a bad habit, watch money pour into your biz, and feel like you’re crushing all your financial goals?

How flippin’ amazing would it be to wipe out ALL your debt (buh-byeee!)…and always know exactly where your money is going (without installing a tracking device)?

Imagine actually looking forward to managing your money…and working with your money feeling as fun and flirty as a hot date with George Clooney. You’d never avoid your finances again!


What you need is the MONEY THERAPY Program- A Year of Weekly Money Therapy Sessions for You + Your Money to Build a Love Affair that Lasts a Lifetime


:: Treat your money relationship like a romantic relationship and see your money as a lover- not a fighter. Break up with your toxic money relationship and start a steamy love affair with your money!

:: Ditch all the complicated feelings and money drama that are keeping you stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, and scared you’ll have to trade the business you love for a soul-sucking corporate job.

::  Create a “honey-do list” for your money and put it to work for you. Wipe out ALL your debt. Have a stash of cash in the bank. Finally take that trip to Fiji. Use your money to protect endangered prairie dogs.

:: Make tending to your finances fun, easy, and full of pleasure- so you actually WANT to take a more active role in managing your money. (No more stuffing bills in the back of the desk drawer! No boring spreadsheets allowed!)

:: End heated money battles with your partner and make money convos calm, cool, and completely constructive. Got a naysayer on your hands who doubts your business brilliance? I got you, boo.

Meet Your Legit Money Therapist

Hi! I’m Nicole Iacovoni, a Financial Therapist and Licensed Couple’s Therapist who helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives heal their relationship with money, make more profits, and manage money like a boss- without giving up all of life’s guilty pleasures.

I write a crush worthy newsletter called Money Love Notes where I dish on my latest financial crush and offer inspirational ideas for lovin’ up on your money- so it will love you back.

I’ve been featured in Business Insider, Up Journey, and Hello Giggles and have appeared on awesome podcasts like The Rich Coach Club Podcast and the His and Her Money Podcast.

When I’m not empowering women to start a love affair with their money and take a “hands on” approach to their finances, you can find me snuggling my dog, Clover, devouring self-help books, and sipping on vanilla lattes, as my kids chase our chickens around our “farmette”.

Is This Therapy?

Totally. MONEY THERAPY includes the best techniques, strategies, tools, and exercises that legit psychotherapists (like yours truly) use in traditional therapy and applies them to money. MONEY THERAPY just delivers all this in a different way.

The MONEY THERAPY Program offers some sweet advantages over traditional therapy too:

1. You Set the Pace

Does the thought of laying out all the dirty details of your financial life to a financial advisor make you want to hide under the covers with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? I’ve so been there!

Does scheduling a group therapy session and traveling to an office seem like a huge chore?

In MONEY THERAPY, you can get honest and real about your money relationship without judgement…all in the comfort of your own home, cozied up in your favorite jammies.

You can dive into the sessions at your own pace and on your own schedule…no appointment required.

2. Expert Advice

With 17 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome obstacles, get clear on their desires and get the relationship results they’re after.

In MONEY THERAPY, you’ll get the best evidence-based, clinically proven tools to help you deepen your money relationship and manage money well…the same tools that I’ve used for years with clients and in my own personal life to pay off $87,000 of debt in two years and increase my revenue x5 in eight months. (BAM!)

And you get direct access to me to ask questions, get extra tips and tricks, and receive ongoing support through your money therapy journey.

3. Affordability

Working 1:1 with a therapist can be intimidating…inconvenient…and very expensive!

Instead of paying a therapist $200/session to tell you things you’ll forget 5 minutes later, MONEY THERAPY gives you all the tools and information you need to transform your money relationship in workbooks that you’ll have access to for life.

And with a price tag of about $25/session, you’re already making smart money moves by enrolling in the program!

Plus, it pays to be part of a group program because you can learn from each other and finally realize you’re not the only one pulling your hair out over money!

Exactly What you Get Inside MONEY THERAPY:

  • Access to the entire MONEY THERAPY program including 52 beautifully designed “money therapy session”workbooks with lessons, recordings, weekly assignments, templates, scripts, and journaling prompts that serve as a road map to your money relationship and guide you every step of the way.
  • Immediate access to the Private Money Therapy Facebook Group where you can connect with me and other students for answers, insight, feedback, support, and hella praise. Did I mention I’ll share tons of #inspo and ideas for flirty money dates too?
  • Weekly Q&A sessions inside the Money Therapy Facebook Group to dive deeper into the topic of the week and answer all your burning questions. Post your questions by Monday morning each week and I’ll record the answers and share the video in the group every Wednesday- watch whenever you like!
  • Surprise bonuses and gift bombs sprinkled throughout the year (Cause’ we all love SWAG!)

All that money love goodness for just $1297 (that’s $25/week)…how’s that for a cheap date?!


Single Pay                     3- Pay Plan

Money Therapy is for you if…

  • You’re an entrepreneur who isn’t making as much money as you want…or you’re drowning in debt…or you’d describe your money relationship as “it’s complicated” or a “love/hate relationship”…or you have no idea what to do with the money you have.
  • You’re in a high-paid position but you have dreams of being your own boss…or you have a side hustle that you’re trying to get off the ground…or you’re trying to make enough money in your own business so you can quit your soul-sucking day job.
  • You’re a hybrid of the two descriptions above. 🙂
  • You’re willing to show up and do the tough inner work to improve your relationship with money… so you can do the work you love…make a boatload of money…feel financially confident…and use your financial power as an unstoppable force of good in the world.

Money Therapy is not for you if…

  • You’re not an entrepreneur…you never want to be one…you don’t even know what an entrepreneur is.
  • All you care about is getting rich quick and you don’t care about what you have to do to make it happen…as long as it’s easy and fast.
  • You’re hoping for a magical money fairy to solve all your problems so you can keep making lame excuses, blame all your problems on bad luck or sucking at math, and don’t have to do any work yourself.
  • You don’t want the responsibility of tending to your money. You’re willing to give up your financial power by passing that job over to your partner…or a financial planner…or your dad.


Single Pay                                                   3- Pay Plan



How is working with a Financial Therapist different than working with a Financial Advisor?

A Financial Advisor guides you on what to DO with your money- focusing on the money management piece and investing. A Financial Therapist guides you through the complicated thoughts and feelings about money that undermine your financial success and helps you to change your relationship with money so you can behave better with it. A Financial Therapist also helps you gain clarity on what you want your financial life to look like, helps you make a plan to create that vision in reality, helps you strategize ways to maximize income and reduce expenses, and teaches you how to develop more confidence in your ability to make good financial decisions. (In other words, Financial Therapists are the shizzz!)

I’m not making much profit yet in my biz. Is this program right for me?

Yes! Whether you’re making $500/year or $5 million/year, MONEY THERAPY will help you MAKE more money in your business and KEEP more money in your pocket!

Is this one of those “get rich quick” schemes?

Hells-to-the-NO! No such thing exists. MONEY THERAPY is a year-long program (there’s nothing quick about that!) that serves as a strong foundation for you to build a robust financial life upon. The entire program is designed to help you develop good financial habits that you’ll stick with 4-eva-and-eva.

What’s your refund policy?

If you’re unhappy with your MONEY THERAPY purchase, contact us within 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund. 🙂

How much personalized attention will I get inside this program?

MONEY THERAPY is a self-paced group training program that delivers high-value lessons, assignments, and feedback in a group setting.

It’s like taking a college class with a super cool professor who knows you by name, gives specific feedback on your work, and offers specific suggestions to help you grow. You don’t get to sit down 1-on-1 with your prof and pick her brain all day, but you still get all your questions answered and feel supported as you learn and grow. And you get to make some cool friends in class. 🙂

If you’re an introvert like me who isn’t a big fan of groups…or if you’re someone who has a VERY unique financial situation…or you just love having undivided, personalized attention (who can blame you?!)…you might want to check out the MONEY THERAPY VIP package. It’s you + me for 90 days of business strategy + financial planning + money therapy bliss!

What exactly do you teach in MONEY THERAPY?

The MONEY THERAPY program breaks down your relationship with money into six natural and predictable stages and guides you through each one.

On your journey through each stage of the money relationship, you’ll discover the problems that have been holding you back and concrete solutions for solving them.

You’ll develop new money skills…and a full arsenal of money making and money managing tools that you can use again and again for the rest of your life.

Wanna see the entire course outline? These are the 6 stages of the Money Relationship and what youll learn in each:

Stage 1- Excited & Insecure

Week 1- Know Your Values- You want to put your best foot forward so your money falls head-over-heels for you. But what makes you YOU? You have to know what you value and what’s most important to you if you’re going to show your money what you’re all about.

Week 2- Consumerism: Cheating on your Money- You haven’t always been a “good girlfriend” in previous money relationships, but you want this one to last. Learn how consumerism is keeping you from having a healthy relationship with money and what you can do to turn that around.

Week 3- Neuromarketing- In past money relationships, you allowed your buying decisions to be manipulated and spent money on things you don’t really want. You don’t want to make the same mistake in this new money relationship and this session will teach you how to resist persuasion.

Week 4- Retail Therapy & Buyer’s Remorse- Your money has revealed to you that it doesn’t appreciate impulsive spending or expensive retail therapy sessions. If you want to make your money relationship work, you’ll have to change your ways. Learn how in this session.

Week 5- Beliefs: The Barriers Keeping You Broke- Toxic money beliefs have sabotaged previous money relationships and you’re done believing you don’t deserve to live a rich life. This session helps you get clear on the limiting beliefs and fears holding you back.

Week 6- Money Memories: Toxic! Should Wear a Warning- Your money relationship past can come back to haunt you. Money mistakes, bad decisions and the lessons you learned from your first money memories can undermine this new money relationship. This session will take you on a trip down memory lane so you can discover how old memories are negatively impacting you now.

Week 7- Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self- The stories you’ve created about yourself and what you deserve are keeping you playing small and broke. This session will teach you how to rescript your stories so you can stop creating excuses for why you can’t have the life you want and start loving yourself and your money.

Week 8- Work with Your Money- You feel anxious and insecure because you don’t know how to manage your money well. You’ve been avoiding facing your money mistakes because the truth hurts- but you also don’t want that baggage ruining your money relationship now. Learn what you need to stop doing and start doing with your money to manage it better.

Week 9- Must-have Money Management Tools- You feel overwhelmed, lost and insecure because you don’t have the right tools to help you organize, track and plan for your money. This session shows you how to cope with those complicated feelings and provides money management tools that put you in control.

Stage 2- Romance & Passion

Week 10- Date Your Money- There’s so much to do in your business that you just haven’t made time for your money…and your complicated feelings about money make you uncomfortable and scared, so you try to avoid your money. But you’ve got to make lovin’ up on your money a priority if you want your money to love you back. This session shows you how.

Week 11- The Glamour of Biz- Your greatest dream is to have a crushworthy business…one that provides the freedom, joy and financial success you crave. But you’re realizing that growing a successful business and getting rich is harder than it looks. You’ve wasted money on “shiny objects” that didn’t help your biz and this session teaches you better ways of using your money to grow your biz.

Week 12- Desire: Feel All the Feels- If you don’t really know how much money you want, why you want it or what you’ll do with it once you have it, you’re never gonna get it! This session is all about getting clear on what you desire so you can make a plan for creating it with your money as your partner.

Week 13- Let’s Talk about Sex- You want to enjoy all the guilty pleasures in life but you know that reckless spending is like cheating on your money and it will doom the relationship. This session shows you how to experience the pleasure that your money can provide without blowing all your money or living beyond your means.

Week 14- Predictors of Happy Money Relationships- You want your money relationship to look as sexy and strong as the ones you admire in other entrepreneurs…but you don’t know what makes those money relationships so great or how to create that in your own. This session reveals the key features of happy money relationships and how to use them to create an envy-worthy love affair.

Week 15- Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems- You’ve been so caught up in the romance and passion of your money relationship that you haven’t noticed some problems are creeping in. Most couple’s wait far too long before dealing with relationship issues and you don’t want to be one of them. This session shows you how to be proactive in preventing financial crisis instead of brushing issues under the rug, waiting for them to get worse.

Week 16- MONEY DATE!- Some fun, flirty quality time with your money!

Stage 3- True Colors & Conflict

Week 17- Money Relationship Myths- Believe it or not, this relationship isn’t all about YOU. And that myth can lead you to becoming co-dependent on money and sacrificing the life you want for a steady paycheck. This session will help you determine if you’re co-dependent and show you how to make the money relationship more mutually beneficial.

Week 18- What Have You Done for Money Lately?- You’re feeling so desperate for money that you’re starting to stoop to low levels to get it. Compromising your integrity or your values is poisonous to your money relationship and this session will teach you how to make money while staying true to yourself.

Week 19- The Ugly Side of Therapy- Money therapy isn’t always pretty…screaming matches and lies revealed in session are no fun. Your negative perceptions of your money color your entire relationship with it and this session shows you how to restructure your frustrations to improve the money relationship.

Week 20- Are You Bullying Your Money?- Smack talking your money makes it want to run and hide from you. This session shows you how to think and speak about your money with appreciation, respect and love so it wants to hang out and love up on you all the time.

Week 21- Are You Threatening Me?- It’s easy to pick out all the reasons why you’re mad at your money…all the ways your money is letting you down. But it’s not so easy to see how you’re contributing to the problems in the money relationship. This session will help you to recognize what you need to do different and better to make your money relationship work.

Week 22- Is Your Money a Total Player?- You’re swept up in suspicion that your money is cheating on you…after all, it seems to mysteriously disappear from time to time. This session will help you figure out what’s really going on in your money relationship and how to build trust.

Week 23- Your Money is Jealous- Your money is not feelin’ the love because you’re always so distracted…by your to-do list…and all the STUFF in your life. Your money feels like there’s no room for it amidst all the clutter and chaos. This session shows you how and why you need to declutter and eliminate excess to make room for your money.

Week 24- MONEY DATE!- Fanning the flame on your money relationship!

Week 25- Money Relationship Problems- All these money relationship problems are wearing you out. You feel like you’re the only one with these issues and it’s so frustrating! This session shows you how to apply proven couple’s therapy techniques to your money relationship so you can understand your problems better.

Week 26- Are Your Finances like Fight Club?- Let’s face it…you’ve been dishonest about your money problems. The lies eat at you and are causing fights between you and your human partner. This session challenges you to uncover all the money secrets you’ve been keeping and get honest about your money issues.

Stage 4- Make Up or Break Up

Week 27- The Way You Lie: Part I- Communication- Being forthcoming with your partner about how much you spend and what you buy is scary…and sometimes you just don’t know what to say when you’re put in the hot seat. This session will help you understand why that is and help you develop good communication skills to navigate those tough conversations.

Week 28- The Way You Lie: Part II- Proactive Transparency- If you only talk to your partner about money when there’s a problem, you’ll get in the habit of avoiding those conversations altogether…continuing to lie and keep secrets that are destructive to your relationship. This session shows you how to proactively talk about money in pleasurable ways- so you don’t dread and avoid money talks.

Week 29- The Way You Lie: Part III- Budgeting with your Partner- Couple’s that “pay together” stay together. You’ve got greater financial power if you and your human honey combine your money and work together to grow and manage it. This session teaches you what you need to do to maximize your financial power with your business/romantic partner.

Week 30- Are You Expecting?- You’ve set some pretty high expectations for your money…but are they reasonable? Are you expecting too much from your money? And more importantly, are you doing what it takes to meet your money’s expectations of you? This session explores these topics and helps you understand the difference between expectations and agreements.

Week 31- The 5 Love Languages for Money: Part I— You’re working hard to get your money relationship on the right track…and one important part of the process is giving and receiving love. This session teaches you the various ways to express and receive love so you can identify which feels best to you.

Week 32- Love Languages Part II: Is Your Money Speaking Your Language?- To spice up this love affair, you need to know how you want your money to express love and admiration to you…so you can feel oh so good when your money loves up on you! But you need to make sure it’s realistic for your money to love you in the ways you want it to. This session dives into all that.

Week 33- Love Languages Part III: Putting Pressure on Your Money- Now that you know how you want your money to do for you, you might be putting pressure on your money to bend over backwards to make you happy. This becomes a real drag for your money. If you want your money to love up on you, you gotta love up on it too. This session helps you get clear on what your money’s love language is.

Week 34- Party Pooper- The novelty and romance of a new relationship has worn off…especially with all the road bumps you’ve encountered on your money relationship journey. Money dates are becoming a drag…something you dread because it’s all business and no pleasure. This session will offer up new, sexy money date ideas to add some fun and flirtation.

Week 35- A Couple’s Getaway- a week devoted to nothing but pleasure and celebrating your money love success so far!

Stage 5- Acceptance & Genuine Love

Week 36-  Your Mind is like a Puppy- The mind is funny…it has a bad habit of thinking about money in distorted and irrational ways. And if you let your thoughts about your money roam around without direction or guidance, you’ll get yourself into a lot of mental money trouble. This session shows you how to identify irrational thoughts and challenge them so you can see your money in a more positive light.

Week 37- Tending to Your Money Garden- If you want your money relationship to thrive, you’ve got to weed out all thoughts of scarcity and limitation and shift to a mindset of abundance. This session shows you how.

Week 38- Your Money Making Tool- You can either use your mind as a money making tool or let it sit around collecting dust…or worse yet- wander off with visions of being homeless and broke. Don’t let your mind create a self-fulfilling prophecy! This session teaches you how to use your mind in all the right ways to attract money, opportunities and connections in your life and biz.

Week 39- Put Your Tool Away- When you discover your mental power and what it can do for your money relationship, you might be tempted to use it ALL THE TIME. But if you don’t give your mind a break, it will start worrying about money endlessly and dwelling on your financial issues all the time is a real drag. This session teaches you how to trade worrying for problem solving.

Week 40- Shake Your Money Maker?- Where does money come from anyway? Wouldn’t it be nice if money didn’t seem so hard to obtain? This session teaches you a different way of looking at money, how it’s come into existence and what you need to do to get more of it.

Week 41- None of Your Business- Wallowing in fear and self pity is a common money relationship issue. If you feel like a victim of your circumstances who has no control over how much money you make, it’s super depressing. This session teaches you how to gain more financial control and let go of the things you can’t influence…and how to know the difference between the two.

Week 42- MONEY DATE!- new ideas for lovin’ up on your money so it will love you back!

Stage 6- Commitment & Devotion

Week 43- Taking it to the Next Level- You and your money have come so far! You’re ready to get down on bended knee and make it Facebook official! This session teaches you why complete dedication and loyalty are must-haves in your money relationship and challenges you to explore how you’ll continue to make your money a priority in your life.

Week 44- A Prenup for Your Money Marriage- Before you sign your name across your heart and head to the alter with your money, you need to write your money marriage vows. But before you can do that, it’s important to reflect on the money relationship mistakes of the past and use them to guide the promises you’ll make in your money marriage. This session helps you make promises and commitments to your money that you’ll keep til’ death do you part.

Week 45- Make Money Your Automatic Lover- Once the money marriage is consummated, it’s easy to get comfortable in the relationship…and you don’t feel the need to tend to it all the time anymore. But you can’t just set it and forget it. This session shows you the importance of setting up automatic savings and investments strategies so you don’t fall into the trap of complacency in your money relationship.

Week 46- Guard Your Money Marriage- You’re making real financial progress now…and you want to guard your money so it doesn’t get taken away suddenly. This session teaches you how to create a protection plan for your money.

Week 47- Haters Gonna Hate- Remember when you envied wealthy entrepreneurs and yearned for a life and biz like theirs? Bet you weren’t always wishing them the best and jumping with joy over their success. Now, the tables have turned and when other people see you swooning over your money relationship and living your dream life, haters gonna hate. This session offers tips for resisting criticism and staying true to your money marriage.

Week 48- Be a Magical Money Fairy- You love your money and it loves you. Like two little love birds, you never want to be away from each other. But too much togetherness can ruin a good thing. This session is all about how to let your money come and go freely…rather than being a possessive hoarder of money…without feeling afraid that your money will never return.

Week 49- Take Your Money Out- When you’ve got a hot hunk on your arm, you wanna take him out and show him off. Same goes for your money. Your money is pretty special and deserves to be put to good use…not just sitting in a savings account bored and lonely. This session shows you how to use your money as an unstoppable force of good in the world through business philanthropy.

Week 50- Money Date!- If lovin’ your money is wrong, you don’t want to be right!

Week 51- Happily Ever After- You’ve moved through all the stages. So, what’s next? The work isn’t over yet! As life moves on, you’ll return to previous stages and face new challenges along the way. This session helps you know when to “return to money therapy” and what to do when you confront new issues.

Week 52- Wrap Up & Celebration- You did it! This program is not for the faint of heart…and you made it through! It’s time to do a quick recap of all the progress you’ve made and celebrate!

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