90 days of 1-on-1 money mentoring + business strategy to transform your business & financial life

Me + You + Your Money…1-on-1…for 90 days.

Wipe out debt. Gain financial confidence. Up level your biz and make more profits. Manage money like it’s a walk in the park with your favorite furry friend.

It’s like having a business strategist + financial planner + therapist all in one!

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Are you…

: Sweating bullets because you’ve invested a boatload of money in your biz – Facebook ads, fancy website, email marketing, online courses, #allthethings – but you’re not actually making any profit?

: Ashamed of your money…drowning in debt, feeling out of control with your spending, embarrassed because you haven’t got a clue where your money is going?

: Fighting with your partner because they dont understand this “hobby” of yours is an actual business youre working really hard to grow-all they can see is a dwindling bank account?

: Less into groups (where are my fellow introverts at?) and more into private, personalized attention?

If any of the above statements sound like you, then you need MONEY THERAPY VIP.


: Feel confident about your financial decisions and gain control over your spending- without having to consult with your financial advisor every 2 seconds

: End money shame for good, get clear on your financial goals, and experience a fun and flirty relationship with your money- no more money drama!

: Have empowered discussions with your spouse/partner/family/friends/peers/clients about money without someone having to sleep on the couch or needing to block them on social afterwards

: Set prices that feel swoon worthy to you and your clients and *finally* make more profits in your biz. Cha-ching!

: Work toward paying off ALL your debt and make solid plans for what you’ll invest in for your business (and your wealth) to grow

What you get in MONEY THERAPY VIP:

: A 1-on-1 therapy session with me every week (50 minutes) to discuss your money goals, plan fun money dates, work through complicated feelings about money, create new services and prices, and more! Whatever you want to work on—I’m here to help you through it.

: Beautifully designed workbooks, tools, and/or worksheets each week that serve up guidance, advice, inspiration and an action steps for the week.

: An extra One-hour VIP session every month where we dive deep into one money strategy that will set you up for success. Month 1 focuses on creating your Spending Plan. (Gettin’ in control of your money is the shiz!)  Month 2 dives deep into creating a Debt Payoff Plan. (Live debt free, baby!) Month 3 is all about dreaming big and setting financial goals. (Mo’ Money, Mo’ Power!)

: Unlimited access to me via email- because sometimes 2 am is the best time to sort through your finances

: A Money Therapy goodie bag—shipped right to your doorstep. Cause’ a girl’s gotta have swag. <3


: Im a legit Financial Therapist and Licensed Psychotherapist with 17 years experience who specializes in helping women entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives heal their relationship with money, make more profits in non-sleazy ways, and take an active role in their own financial lives.

: I’ve used the same strategies and techniques that I teach clients to pay off $87,000 of debt in two years, build TWO highly profitable businesses, and fully fund my savings and retirement accounts- all while teaching my daughters how to garden, getting dirty with money saving DIY projects, and guzzling coffee while writing my crush worthy newsletter, Money Love Notes. Translation: If I can transform my financial life without giving up all my guilty pleasures, so can you. I’ll show you how.

Nicole Iacovoni - Financial Freedom

If your ready to ditch money drama, clear up money confusion once and for all, and finally make some damn money in your biz, please FILL OUT THIS APPLICATION

PS. A quick word on pricing and commitment…

Money Therapy VIP is for business owners who get that investing in yourself is money well spent and who are ready—and able—to invest and commit. This program is $1,500 per month ($4,500 total) and once youre in…youre in. You gotta treat our appointments like it’s a lunch date with Oprah. No bailing! You gotta stay consistent in our work together- no excuses! I’ll give you all I’ve got if you give this work all you’ve got. Please apply ONLY if youre ready to make a 90-day commitment. You’ve got this!

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