Are you…

: Sweating bullets because you just invested a boatload of money in your biz – Facebook ads, fancy website, email marketing, online courses, #allthethings – but you’re not actually making any profit?

: Ashamed of your money… and wonder how all of your peers seem to be making loads of dough and youre just hoping you can pay yourself something this month?

: Fighting with your spouse because they dont understand this “hobby” of yours is an actual business youre working really hard to grow because all they can see is a dwindling bank account?

If any of the above statements sound like you, then you need a serious dose of MONEY THERAPY.

MONEY THERAPY is a 90-day, 1:1 coaching program that will help you wipe out debt, gain financial confidence, earn your worth and manage money like a boss.

With Money Therapy, you will:

: Feel confident and in-control of your spending, keep more, and make more PROFIT.

: End money shame for good, and focus in on your own financial goals

: Have empowered discussions with your spouse/partner/family/friends/peers about money

Your money therapist is ME, Nicole Iacovoni! Im a legit Financial Therapist and Licensed Couples Therapist. Using what Ive learned in my 17 year career as a therapist, I help entrepreneurs heal their relationship with money.

What you get in MONEY THERAPY VIP:

: A 1-on-1 therapy session with me every week (50 minutes) to discuss your money goals, plan fun money dates, work through complicated feelings about money, and more! Whatever you want to discuss—I’m here to talk through it with you.

: Beautifully designed workbooks with a new money lesson each week that serve up guidance, advice, inspiration and an action step for the week.

: A 2-hour VIP session every month where we dive deep into one money strategy that will set you up for success. Month 1 focuses on creating your Spending Plan. Month 2 dives deep into creating a Debt Payoff Plan. Month 3 is all about dreaming big and setting short and long term financial goals.

: A Money Therapy goodie bag—shipped right to your doorstep. <3