Money: A Tool that Makes Dreams Come True

Money: A Tool that Makes Dreams Come True

Money: A Tool that Makes Dreams Come True

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I just got back from a month long, cross county road trip.

My little family of four (plus the dog and cat) all packed into a small motorhome and headed west to visit as many National Parks as possible.

Money: A Tool that Makes Dreams Come True

We didn’t have a schedule…or reservations. It was a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants kind of trip…full of adventure…and very unlike me. I’m typically the girl who has everything planned out by the minute. But this trip, I decided to live on the edge.

From October 2nd to October 30th, we drove 7,500 miles, traveled through 16 states, and visited 13 National Parks. We saw breathtaking hoodoos (spikey rock formations that fill huge canyons), marveled at free roaming bison, stood in awe at the creative magnitude of Mount Rushmore, and gazed up at huge Sequoia trees.

Some how, we managed to squeeze in work as we traveled. My husband and I continued to do telehealth with clients (only a couple days a week from a pop up tent outside our RV) and I taught my daughters their cyber school lessons during long drives from state to state.

Can you believe we were able to do this? I’m still pinching myself to make sure the whole thing wasn’t just a pleasant dream! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience…a trip we’ll never forget…filled with the most incredible memories we’ll cherish forever.

And it was all made possible by MONEY.

Money to buy the RV that would take us from Pennsylvania to California and back.

Money to make up the income we were losing by trimming back our work schedules so we could have more free time to explore.

Money to pay for gas, food, a National Parks pass, and souvenirs. (Elan started collecting keychains from each of the National Parks we visited- that adds up, you know!)

Money to buy a new RV and finish out our trip when our POS RV broke down and left us stranded in Moab, UT. (Yeah, the trip wasn’t ALL sunshine and roses, but we figured it out!)

Throughout the whole trip, I kept feeling so much gratitude for my money and how it was serving up so much adventure, joy, and togetherness with my family.

And I felt a deep sense of pride and accomplishment. If I hadn’t made the decision five years ago to finally tend to my relationship with money…and learn how to manage it well…and discover how to increase profits in my business…this trip would have never been possible.

All the hard work I did to end my toxic relationship with money and shift my money mindset…all the effort I put into paying off debt and saving money…and all time I’d spent growing my business was worth it because it made it possible for me to live my best life now.

Think of your most cherished dream…something you want to do so badly…an experience you’ve always wanted to have.

I bet it takes money.

And maybe you don’t have it right now. And maybe your finances are a hot mess and you feel like you’ll never get to live your dream.

Don’t give up hope. It’s never too late to turn your old, crappy relationship with money into a steamy love affair. Now’s the perfect time to take a more active role in your financial life so you can have the money it takes to live YOUR best life.

I’m living proof that it’s possible. If I can go from being $87,000 in debt and losing money in my business on the daily to funding a month long cross country road trip and working just one day a week, you can experience something equally amazing.

Stick with me, and I’ll show you how.

Money love & hugs, ($O$O$O)

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