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As a business owner, have you ever thought to yourself, “The world of online business is fucked up. My business is fucked. I’m fucked. What the actual fuck?”

Everybody makes running a business look easy. It's not. On this show, we’re going to talk about all the hard shit it really takes to create a successful business...with a dose of snarky sarcasm.

If you’re frustrated with your biz, can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong, and are sick of all the bullshit advice you’ve been getting, tune in to Business Unfucked. Together, we’ll lean into discomfort and figure things out. 

what the actual fuck?

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What happened to all my fucks?


Who gives a fuck?


What the actual fuck?


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Welcome to the humble brag zone

I’m Nicole Iacovoni. I’m a licensed therapist who loves asking nosy questions. A former cop with a no-nonsense vibe. An author & copywriter obsessed with infusing brands with personality. And an entrepreneur who’s experienced firsthand what it feels like to have a business that’s fucked. 

Hi, I'm Penny.

I believe in whimsy, wonder and that the journey should be just as fun – if not more! – than the destination. 

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