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You never forget your first time doing it.

Doing MONEY THERAPY. I mean, Money Therapy.

You didn’t think you’d have to go through this alone, did you? I mean, money isn’t the sort of thing you can talk to your mom about. 

Helping women entrepreneurs heal their relationship with money, make more profits in fun, flirty ways, and navigate money convos with confidence is kind of my thing.

And this year – it’s more important than ever to get in control of your finances.

If you’re ready to go ALL THE WAY with your money…but you’re dealing with first-timer awkwardness, the Money Therapy Quickie Class is the perfect way to love up on your money fast and easy!

In this FREE 3 day class, you’ll receive:

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:: 3 beautifully designed workbooks, each with money relationship advice, inspiring true stories, and a daily action assignment…plus a sweet surprise at the end to give you that post -quickie glow.

Illustrated Money Therapy Quickie Class Live Q&A

:: Direct access to me – pick my brain and ask me all your burning money questions.

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:: The chance to receive personalized feedback and support from a legit Financial Therapist (yours truly).

Illustration Money Therapy Quickie Class Takeaways

:: Quick takeaways to help you take control of your finances (but not in a S&M sort of way), make your money a priority with swoon worthy money dates, and envision the money fairytale love story you’ve always wanted…so your money fairy godmother (um, ME!) can help you create it in reality.

I love fun, free stuff!

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Because this class stays in true quickie fashion, you can…

Do it in your car. (Go parking and savor each word in the workbooks – or I’ll read them to you, in my sexy voice!)

Do it with a friend. (Invite your besties to join in! – it’s not as weird as it sounds.)

Do it on your lunch break. (An hour a day is all it takes to get what you need. Give “nooner” a whole new meaning!)

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I need a quickie.

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Don’t stress over the touchy-feely stuff…

Most women have complicated feelings when it comes to money.

Money walks of shame. Cheating on their money with shopping sprees at Macy’s. Stuffing bills in the back of the desk drawer because – ugh. Just can’t.

But I’ll be with you for all 3 days showing you how to practice safe…Money Therapy…and how to be, like, really good at it (tending to your finances, that is).

Give me 3 days to make you the best lover to your money you can be!

And if you find the morning after that your financial needs clearly won’t be met by a quickie…

I’ll show you a few advanced moves to get you even more involved so you can take your money relationship to the NEXT LEVEL.

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Money turns me on.

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About Nicole

Nicole Iacovoni, LCSW, is a Financial Therapist and licensed Couple’s Therapist with 17 years experience.

She writes a crush worthy newsletter called The Comfy Couch where she dishes on her latest financial crush and offers inspirational ideas for dating your money. Her signature program, Money Therapy, teaches you how to transform your toxic relationship with money into a steamy love affair.

She’s been featured in Business Insider, Up Journey, and Hello Giggles. When she’s not empowering women to deepen their relationship with money, earn their worth and manage money like a boss, you can find her snuggling with her dog, devouring self-help books and sipping on vanilla lattes. Feel more confident & cozy with your money right away at

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