The one thing you must learn in 2020
Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni is a financial therapist, licensed psychotherapist, and writer for women entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling financially and feel overwhelmed by the emotional up’s and down’s of growing a business.

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2020 Lesson - Reclaim Financial Power

I was chatting with my girlfriends about the fast approaching New Year…and we were all debating whether or not to make resolutions.

We were split down the middle.

Some of my lady friends love the fresh energy that the new year brings and go bonkers about mapping out all their goals for the year- with colored pens, squiggles and curly cues.

The other gals were anti-resolutions and dished on their failed resolutions of the past…and how starting the year off with a epic fail didn’t motivate them to keep trying over the remainder the year to do better.

I could see both sides…and because I’m a couple’s therapist…I suggested a “meeting in the middle” sort of compromise. (I just can’t help myself!)

So, the conversation turned away from “resolutions” and toward what each of us see as our areas for growth…what we hope to improve upon in 2020.

Across the board…we all agreed we could get better with money in 2020.

Not a single one of us (myself included) felt total financial confidence and security…

…we’d all had instances of retail therapy followed by buyer’s remorse…

…or feelings of insecurity about how to invest our cash…

…or fear related to increasing our rates or trying to book more clients in the new year.

We all chatted about some of our financial struggles and what we hoped to do better…

…and then I dropped a shocking statistic on them that made everyone freeze and do a double-take.

Fifty-eight percent of women turn over financial decision making to a male partner.


Then the girls started chiming in about how that was the case for them…and then the rapid-fire rationalizations began.

“My husband makes more money than me so he should be managing the finances.”

“I’m just not as good with numbers or math as he is, so I let him do it.”

“I don’t have the time to learn about the stock market and investment options. My husband knows more about it than I do so he takes the lead.”

I didn’t want to be a downer…but this statistic makes me rage…and keeps me up at night.

I get so pissed off about women relinquishing their financial power to men (romantic partners, business partners, financial advisors, stock brokers, etc.)…

…and I’m on a mission to empower EVERY woman to regain power over their financial lives…

…so I had to get real with my GF’s about why “just letting the men do it” is a terrible idea.

Here’s why:

1. If the guy making all the financial decisions dies…becomes incapacitated…or leaves you, you’ll have a real financial mess on your hands because you don’t know how to manage your money yourself.

2. The guy making the decisions may not have your best interests in mind…and if you don’t know what’s happening with your money, you can’t ensure that your best interests are being considered.

3. Even if that guy has your best interests at heart, he might not know everything there is to know and may make uninformed decisions that actually hurt you financially.

If you’re turning over the finances to someone else in your life and are now freaking out about the dangers involved with that choice…

…you’re not alone…

…and now is the time to change all that.

Here’s the one thing you must learn in 2020 to reclaim your financial power:

No one is going to love your money as much as you do or care for it as good as you will.

 “But Nicole, I really suck with money. I’m so bad at it. I can’t do it myself”.

Bullshit. Maybe you haven’t been good with money in the past but that doesn’t determine your future.

This new year brings with it opportunity to gain financial literacy…

…to deepen your relationship with money…

…to learn sound money management strategies…

…so you can take charge of your financial future…

…without relying on someone else to do it for you.

Not sure where to start? Don’t even know what needs work in your financial life?

Contact me here to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call with me so we can find out.

2020 is YOUR YEAR…the year you turn this mother around and gain the financial confidence you deserve!

Money Love & Hugs


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