Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni is a financial therapist, licensed psychotherapist, and writer for women entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling financially and feel overwhelmed by the emotional up’s and down’s of growing a business.

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I hate handing over my hard-earned cash to the IRS more than I hate listening to Blink 182 on repeat.

After a decade of doing #allthethings to grow my business (so I’d have the freakin’ money to live life on my own terms), I want to KEEP my money instead of writing a big fat check to the IRS.

This year’s tax bill: $38,675 

As I moved funds around and emotionally prepared myself for watching all that money fly out of my bank account, I thought (for a hot second) that maybe I shouldn’t try to make so much money this year…

…so I can reduce my tax bill. 

No way! 

Limiting my financial success to avoid paying taxes is crazy talk! 

But how can a girl bring in 6-7 figures without getting swindled by the IRS?

I pondered that very question…

…and realized that my tax bill would have been massively bigger had I not used the amazing tool I created…

…a tool designed to screw the IRS. 

I’m sharing that tool with you today, so you can flip the bird to the IRS too…and keep as much money for yourself as *legally* possible. 

This spreadsheet breaks down EVERY SINGLE eligible business expense that you can deduct on your taxes and gives you an organized way to track those expenses throughout the year. 

My “screw you” tool will help you to:

  • Update expenses as you go so you aren’t scrambling to pull your tax info together at the last second- Say, “Bye, Felicia” to tax prep pressure.

  • Make sure you’re including every possible deduction on your tax return- not leaving a single thing out- so you can minimize your tax liability 

  • Keep all your expense info organized so you can easily send it to your account and stop paying her to sort through shoe boxes of receipts

So, why am I giving this to you?

The whole reason you started a business in the first place is so you could have financial freedom…

…and break through the earnings ceiling…and make as much money as you want…

…so you can live your most magical life. 

Taxes are a part of life and they’re not going away, but I don’t want you to play small out of fear that you’ll be stuck with a high tax bill. 

There are MANY ways to (legitimately) get out of paying taxes- and this is one that really pays off. 

Sharing this tool with you is a “thank you” for being in my world and reading my emails…

…and I also get a lot of pleasure out of sticking it to the IRS. *Evil laugh*

Got a friend who also loves money and hates taxes? 

I mean, who doesn’t?

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Now, go grab the IRS-Approved Business Tax Deduction List. 

You know you want to. 

Money Love & Hugs


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