You're Going to Spend How Much Money on That?
Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni

Nicole Iacovoni is a financial therapist, licensed psychotherapist, and writer for women entrepreneurs who are tired of struggling financially and feel overwhelmed by the emotional up’s and down’s of growing a business.

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You're Going to Spend How Much Money on That?

I was bursting with excitement. My email inbox had just delivered the chance of a lifetime…

…it was an opportunity that would be a complete game changer for my business…

…a chance I just couldn’t pass up.

Rockstar Business Strategist, Melissa Cassera, was offering 1:1 coaching with her…for 3 whole months.

I’d taken Melissa’s online class, OBSESSED, and it was AMAZING…so helpful…so fun.

I wanted more of Melissa’s business advice goodness…and I didn’t care what I had to do to get it.

I’m not gonna lie. Private coaching with a business badass like Melissa isn’t cheap…and she was only taking on 3 clients to work with.

But I knew she was worth every penny…

…so I completed the application process…sent a quick follow-up message to her…and crossed my fingers that she’d pick me.

She responded right away. I was IN!!

I jumped out of my chair…danced around with glee…and rushed into the kitchen to share the good news with my husband.

Smiling from ear to ear…barely able to contain myself…and quickly spouted out all the details of the coaching program…

…how I was one of the lucky few to work with this business genius…and how certain I was that it would skyrocket my success.

My husband blinked at me and the only thing he said was, “How much is this going to cost?”

I instantly deflated.

I know my husband well…and I knew where this conversation was going…I’d had this same conversation with him a million times.

See, my husband is a science-minded kind of guy…he’s a realist.

Tom sees things in black-or-white…he wants predictability…

…he likes a guaranteed steady paycheck and knowing exactly what to expect before investing time and energy into something.

I’m SOOOO different.

I’m a dreamer…a creative…I live for taking chances…experiencing new challenges…even if they don’t lead to the outcome I’d planned on.

Because of these personality differences…and differences in what we value…Tom and I don’t always see eye to eye on how our money should be spent.

The talk about investing in a business coach was one of those times.

I answered Tom’s question honestly…which was scary because I knew how he’d respond to the truth.

In the past, I hadn’t always been honest with him about money matters…and I didn’t want to bring back old habits.

He reacted just as I suspected, “You’re going to spend HOW MUCH money on that??”

I immediately started defending my decision and arguing my case.

My decision to invest a big chunk of change in a coach wasn’t rash or impulsive…

…it was a calculated decision and I knew it was a good use of my money.

Here’s why I knew using my money to work with Melissa was a good decision:

It directly aligned with my values.

One of my top values in life is learning and personal growth. Knowing my money could provide me with expert business advice and help me grow my business was a no-brainer and the prospect of my money doing that for me made me crush on it so hard.

I had the money.

Every month, I set aside money in my Spending Plan for personal growth. Because I’d planned ahead like that, I had cash to pay for Melissa’s help and could seize the opportunity without compromising my “debt free” status.

I knew I needed help.

I’d been working in my online business for 3 years…and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I knew I had to do something different but didn’t know what that was. My choices were to continue struggling indefinitely or get some help and shave time and tears off the process.

I rattled off all my reasoning to my husband.

He still wasn’t sold. He didn’t really get it.

He’s not an entrepreneur…and being an entrepreneur is like living in a different world that non-entrepreneurs just don’t understand.

And that’s cool. He didn’t really need to get it. I just needed him to support my decision.

After a heated argument, we took a time out…to cool off and reflect on each other’s perspectives.

About 20 minutes later…he sent a text. “I’m sorry I was hard on you. I think you should go for it.”


Navigating money conversations with your partner isn’t always easy.

When there’s a difference of opinion…different personalities in the mix…and different values at play…

…things can get dicey.

But one thing that makes them easier is feeling fully confident in your spending decisions.

Your money wants to work FOR you…to bring you all of life’s guilty pleasures…and to make your life totally freakin’amazing.

And when you feel deep down in your bones that you’re spending your money on something that will make your life feel like a hot stone deep tissue massage followed by a Gossip Girl binge…

…you’ll be crushing so hard on your money…and loving your life.

Struggling to have money convos with your partner?

I got you, boo!

Book a Free Discovery Call with me and we’ll figure out where you’re getting stuck. Contact me here and book a 30 minute discovery call at no charge.

Money Love & Hugs


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