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Why You Should "Date Your Money"

Want me to read this to you? Click here Did you see the Netflix series, Love is Blind? If not, you need to stop what you’re doing and immediately go binge on it. It’s highly addictive. Like trying to eat just one M&M…you can’t watch just one episode. How does a show about single strangers […]

Why You Should “Date Your Money”

Heal Your Money Relationship
Money Relationship Myths
Heal Your Money Relationship

Want me to read this to you? Click here The Honeymoon period. It’s the absolute BEST part of any relationship. When you’re gazing into the eyes of your new lover, the world seems to stand still. You feel butterflies in your stomach 24/7. You’re so distracted with daydreaming about your hottie that you accidentally pour […]

Money Relationship Myths

My Money Love Story - Part IV
Heal Your Money Relationship

Want me to read this to you? Click here Previously, in Part Three of A Money Love Story (aka: my financial mess turned dream life)… Like a hopeless romantic, I fell head-over-heels in love with the idea of growing my tiny counseling practice into a full service wellness center and dove in head first. I […]

My Money Love Story – Part IV

Love Changes You
Heal Your Money Relationship

The person I was before I met my husband 11 years ago no longer exists. She’s been replaced by a kinder, gentler, more compassionate version of myself. The woman who cared most about work…and achievement…and recognition slowly started to fade away when my daughters were born… …and now I’m someone who values playfulness, relaxation, and […]

Love changes you

What's Your Money Manifesto?

It’s ridiculously easy to get caught up in money drama… …stressing over paying all the bills on time… …feeling like you have to “rob Peter to pay Paul”… …worrying about all the debt hanging over your head… …feeling pressure to make more money so you can solve all your financial problems. But focusing on financial […]

What’s Your Money Manifesto?

Money Mindset
How My Blind Date With Money Went
Heal Your Money Relationship

I was hoping this blind date would be better than my last one. That date was over 15 years ago…but I remember it like it was yesterday. I pulled up to the restaurant and glanced over to see a guy dressed in black jeans, t-shirt and baseball hat getting out of a huge pickup truck. […]

How My Blind Date With Money Went

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