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Money Got You Crying Yourself to Sleep?

It’s 3 am. I’m wide awake, silently crying in bed while my husband snores loudly beside me. While he slept like a baby, I laid there feeling like a big fat failure for getting us into a financial mess. “Where would I come up with the money for the mortgage payment? OMG…what if we lose […]

Money Got You Crying Yourself to Sleep?

Money Mindset
Are you bullying your money?
Heal Your Money Relationship

I was always told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I live by that rule of thumb.  But when it came to money, that advice got chucked out the window.  I would find myself saying things like, “Money sucks. It’s never around when I need it” and […]

Are You Bullying Your Money?

author smiling and introducing video blog entitled how to go from financial disaster to wealth master
Money Management

CONFESSION: I don’t really like talking about myself……which is probably why I became a therapist……I get to sit back, listen and I don’t have to feel the discomfort of sharing my own story. And when it comes to the story of how I became a wealth coach……it’s something I’m both embarrassed about and proud of.Today, I […]

How I went from financial disaster to wealth master

3 Easy Ways to Save More Money
Money Management

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my wealth coaching students is that they want to save more money…  …they’re dying to see it grow…  …they want to feel the sense of stability and security that comes with having a pot of cash at the ready…  …they’ve got their sights set on buying something […]

3 Easy Ways to Save More Money

Creativity and wealth are totally connected.   *Crickets from the audience* “What? How can that be?”  Here’s the low down: If we don’t allow ourselves to be creative, we can’t clearly identify our hopes and dreams.  If we block creativity, we also block our heart’s desires and we can’t discover what our very best life looks […]

How to Live More Creatively (and wealthy)

Money Management
What I Learned from Making the Most Expensive Purchase of My Life
Money Management

I’ve never had a new car …or a fancy one…or one that’s anything above base model. Every vehicle I’ve ever driven (a whopping total of 3) has been used and extremely affordable…because I could never afford more than that. My Mitsubishi Endeavor was my favorite. It was safe, reliable and perfect for hauling around dogs, […]

What I Learned from Making the Most Expensive Purchase of My Life

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