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investing in your future financial wealth with vanguard

If I’ve successfully convinced you to start investing in the stock market, you’ll need to pick an investment company to work with. All of my investment accounts are with Vanguard… here’s why…

Why Investing with Vanguard is a Smart Money Move

Money Management
Money Management

Finances can get as messy and disorganized as a closet that hasn’t been cleaned out since mini-skirts and leg warmers were in style. When your finances are disorganized, it feels like one big dumpster fire…

4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances – Marie Kondo Style

What is Money Therapy
Money Mindset

Want me to read this to you? Click here If you asked me, “what is money therapy?”, I could define it like this: MONEY THERAPY- the process by which psychological theories and interventions are used to solve financial problems and improve the relationship with money. But I’m not one of those boring, stuffy therapists that […]


author smiling and introducing video blog entitled how to go from financial disaster to wealth master
Money Management

CONFESSION: I don’t really like talking about myself……which is probably why I became a therapist……I get to sit back, listen and I don’t have to feel the discomfort of sharing my own story. And when it comes to the story of how I became a wealth coach……it’s something I’m both embarrassed about and proud of.Today, I […]

How I went from financial disaster to wealth master

3 Easy Ways to Save More Money

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my wealth coaching students is that they want to save more money…  …they’re dying to see it grow…  …they want to feel the sense of stability and security that comes with having a pot of cash at the ready…  …they’ve got their sights set on buying something […]

3 Easy Ways to Save More Money

Money Management

I'm regarded as a money, business, writing, and mental health expert and have been featured by numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Business Insider, Elephant Journal, Citi Bank, and Insider Inc.

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