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Small steps toward reaching your financial goals

Press play and I’ll read this juicy article to you! Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I’m imagining what the holiday season will be like. I do this every year. I envision snow gently falling outside, my daughters and I joyfully baking sugar cookies while listening to Michael Buble’ sing “Have Yourself a […]

What to do when your financial fantasy looks like a Hallmark Christmas movie

Money Mindset
Feeling Financial Fear & What To Do About It
Money Mindset

Once there was a young warrior whose teacher instructed her to battle fear. She didn’t want to do this, but the battle day came, and as she stood across from fear, she felt…

Feeling Financial Fear & What to Do About It

Money Mindset

When I was in college, I worked three jobs…and I was still broke as shit.

I took a full class load studying psychology…

…worked as a bank teller 15 hours a week…

…worked at the local women’s shelter as a legal advocate where I filed protection from abuse orders for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault…

…and worked at Bath & Body Works at night and on weekends where I gave free “hand facials” and came home smelling like cucumber melon every night.

I worked  A LOT…but minimum wage was crap money…

You can’t afford that

For the Love of...Money
Money Mindset

There I was, being a “good girl”, sitting in the front row of the choir. I can still hear the preacher’s voice proclaiming, “Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are greedy…they worship money…they’re on a path straight to hell.” Yikes. In my young, little mind I became terrified of ever being rich. […]

For the Love of…Money

Is Your Money a Total Player?

Ever feel like your money is a total player? Like money is there one day but gone the next? I remember feeling like money was so…unavailable to me. I was obsessed with money…I couldn’t get enough of it…a little taste just left me wanting more. When money was around, I felt convinced that it would […]

Is Your Money a Total Player?

Heal Your Money Relationship
Are you bullying your money?
Heal Your Money Relationship

I was always told that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I live by that rule of thumb.  But when it came to money, that advice got chucked out the window.  I would find myself saying things like, “Money sucks. It’s never around when I need it” and […]

Are You Bullying Your Money?

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