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How Financial Stress Impacts Your Health

What does fighting with my husband until 2 am, clinical depression, and feeling like a big fat failure at life all have in common?

Why Fighting with My Husband about Money was the Best Thing for My Health

Heal Your Money Relationship
6 Tips for Coping with Money Stress & Protecting Your Finances from COVID-19
Money Management

It’s all over the news and included in almost every conversation these days: Coronavirus. COVID-19 has completely changed our lives…leading us to practice social distancing… …closing schools and businesses…resulting in many of us being forced to work from home or become temporarily unemployed. As a result, you might be facing significant financial stress… …worrying about […]

6 Tips for Coping with Money Stress & Protecting Your Finances from COVID-19

I'm regarded as a money, business, writing, and mental health expert and have been featured by numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Business Insider, Elephant Journal, Citi Bank, and Insider Inc.

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