The Next Step Toward a Fulfilling Career

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The Next Step Toward a Fulfilling Career

Feeling a little ‘meh’ in your job? Not sure what move to make next in your career?

If you’re craving more spice…more joy…more fulfillment at work but don’t know how to get there, you’ll want to tune in to this interview.

Career Change Coach, Lisa Lewis, offers up some juicy advice on the 4 pillars of career fulfillment, how to move in the direction of doing work you love and the role your personality plays in snagging your dream job.

Plus, we dive into what it looks like for women to ask for more…more money…more time…more freedom!

Grab your favorite beverage and savor this crushworthy interview with Lisa Lewis.

Nicole Iacovoni interviews Career Change Coach, Lisa Lewis

To learn more about Lisa and grab her Roadmap to a Fulfilling Career E-book, visit

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